First Speakers Announced for the Data Engineering Summit on Jan 18 First Speakers Announced for the Data Engineering Summit on Jan 18
In just a few weeks, ODSC and Ai+ Training’s Data Engineering Live Summit will arrive. This fully virtual event on January... First Speakers Announced for the Data Engineering Summit on Jan 18

In just a few weeks, ODSC and Ai+ Training’s Data Engineering Live Summit will arrive. This fully virtual event on January 18th is where you’ll want to be to get the latest and greatest when it comes to data engineering. After reviewing our list of speakers, the team’s excited about the content that you’ll get to enjoy. So here’s a sneak peek and we can’t wait to see you there!

Profile photo of Joe Reis 🤓Joe Reis

Co-author of the book, “Fundamentals of Data Engineering,” Joe Reis is the CEO of Ternary Data and a so-called “recovering data scientist.” With over twenty years of experience in the data science industry, he’ll take attendees on a dive into data architecture, data engineering, and DataOps.




Profile photo of Wes McKinneyWes Mckinney

An open-source software developer who focuses on analytical computing, Wes McKinney is the creator of the Python Pandas project and co-creator of Apache Arrow. The latter is his current focus. He is now the CTO of Voltron Data, a new startup working on accelerated computing technologies powered by Apache Arrow.




Profile photo of David PalaitisDavid Palaitis

Managing Director at Two Sigma Investments, David leads a team that applies distributed systems, operations research, and functional programming to the hard problem of managing and analyzing market simulations at a massive scale.





Profile photo of Navdeep KaurNavdeep Kaur

Navdeep Kaur, known also as the TechnoAvenger, loves the latest technologies and teaches them in the simplest way. She is a Big Data Architect and Global Technical Trainer with expertise in Amazon Cloud, and big data technologies such as Spark, Hadoop, Kubernetes, Airflow, Snowflake, Apache Beam, Kafka, and Java. 




Profile photo of Sunitha BeeramSunitha Beeram

Senior Engineering Manager at LinkedIn, Sunitha leads teams focused on Apache Spark, Trino, Apache Yar, and Runtime Insights to scale the platform’s big data compute infrastructure. She’ll be speaking about Apache Spark.



Profile photo of Jun RaoJun Rao

The co-founder of Confluent, a company that provides an event streaming platform based on Apache Kafka, Jun Rao is an expert on database and distribution systems. He is the co-author of more than 20 referenced research papers, and the co-inventor of more than a dozen U.S. software patents.




Profile photo of Vini JaiswalVini Jaiswal

Vini Jaiswal is a Developer Advocate at Databricks, accelerating innovation with the greatest companies around the world. She is a leader and influencer in a global community with over a decade of experience, working with the greatest companies on the planet, including Unicorns, Digital Natives, and some Fortune 500s across verticals, to help advance in the field of data science and AI. 




Profile photo of Einat OrrEinat Orr

CEO and Co-founder of Treeverse, the company behind lakeFS, an open-source platform that delivers a git-like experience to object-storage-based data lakes. Einat Orr has a PhD in Mathematics from Tel Aviv University, in the field of optimization in graph theory. Einat previously led several engineering organizations, most recently as CTO at SimilarWeb.




Profile photo of Wannes RosiersWannes Rosiers

Product Manager at Raito and CTO at Golazo, Wannes Rosiers is a data enthusiast and writer who’s passionate about all things data. Skilled in R, Python, data mining, and more, he often shares his expertise in data ops, governance, strategy, and mesh. 





Profile photo of Tejas ChopraTejas Chopra

As an Engineering Leader at Netflix, Tejas is working on architecting Netflix Studios in the Cloud. He was also recognized by the National Diversity Council’s Tech 40 under 40 and is a TedX speaker. Tejas is also an Adjunct Professor for Software development at Univ. of Advancing Technology, AZ. 




Profile photo of Adam BreindelAdam Breindel

An expert on Apache Spark and other technologies, Adam Breindel is a widely sought-after teacher and consultant. His experience includes working with banks on neural-net fraud detection, streaming analytics, cluster management code, and web apps, as well as development at a variety of startup and established companies in the travel, productivity, and entertainment industries. 



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What a list! Some of the leading experts in data engineering are ready to share some amazing knowledge at the Data Engineering Summit in a few short weeks. But keep in mind that these are only the first announced speakers. More will be announced in the coming weeks leading to the summit, so stay tuned! Finally, if you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for?

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