Google Introduces Generative AI Into Search and More Google Introduces Generative AI Into Search and More
In a new blog, Google has announced that its search engine will be powered by a new custom Gemini model. The... Google Introduces Generative AI Into Search and More

In a new blog, Google has announced that its search engine will be powered by a new custom Gemini model. The company is promising that these enhancements will streamline the search process, offering users AI-organized search results, advanced planning and research capabilities, and expanded AI overviews.

Over the last quarter century, the company has used its search engine to adapt to numerous technological shifts. Because of this, Google has developed a vast knowledge base containing billions of facts about people, places, and things, enabling users to obtain reliable information instantly.

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Google’s new generative AI capabilities allow Search to perform tasks beyond traditional information retrieval. The custom Gemini model integrates advanced features, such as multi-step reasoning, planning, and multimodality.

This will be combined with Google’s existing Search systems. This development means users can now rely on Google to handle more complex queries and tasks, from research to planning and brainstorming.

One of the key features introduced is AI Overviews, designed to provide users with quick, comprehensive answers. This functionality has already seen extensive use in Search Labs, where it has garnered positive feedback for its ability to offer overviews of topics along with links for further exploration.

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Starting this week, AI Overviews will be available to all users in the U.S., with global expansion planned by the end of the year. Soon, users will have the option to adjust AI Overviews by simplifying the language or adding more detail. This feature aims to cater to a wider range of users, from those new to a topic to those seeking in-depth information.

The update will be available in Search Labs for English queries in the U.S. The Gemini model’s multi-step reasoning capabilities allow AI Overviews to tackle complex queries efficiently. Users can ask detailed questions, such as finding yoga or pilates studios in Boston that meet specific criteria, and receive comprehensive answers in a single search.

Beyond answering questions, the enhanced Search will assist with planning tasks. Users can create meal plans or vacation itineraries directly within Search. For example, a user can ask for a three-day meal plan that is easy to prepare, and Google will generate a detailed plan with recipes, customizable as needed.

Google is also introducing AI-organized search results pages. These pages will categorize search results under AI-generated headlines, helping users explore a wide range of perspectives and content types. This feature will initially roll out for searches related to dining and recipes, followed by other categories such as movies, music, books, hotels, and shopping.

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With advancements in video understanding, Google is also enhancing its visual search capabilities. The blog states that users can now use videos to describe issues and receive AI-generated troubleshooting advice.

Google aims to make searching, researching, planning, and brainstorming more efficient and accessible for users worldwide. If you’re interested in seeing the new features for yourself, you can take a look at the video Google released with the blog below:



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