How a Data Science Conference Can Help You Get a Job How a Data Science Conference Can Help You Get a Job
Whether you are looking to land your first data science job, or ready to take the next step in your career,... How a Data Science Conference Can Help You Get a Job

Whether you are looking to land your first data science job, or ready to take the next step in your career, conferences are a great resource for today’s job seekers.  Below are just a few ways that attending a data science conference can help you land your dream job.

Access to New Information:

Conferences, as a place where experts and practitioners gather to share insights, are a great way to learn about the new topics and tools in your chosen industry. In addition to the official programming on the latest developments in the field, casual conversations at networking events will give you insights into the types of research and areas of interest that your peers are pursuing. At ODSC Europe, you’ll have access to numerous focus areas, training sessions, and hands-on workshops that will help you develop the new skills necessary to land your desired role, including AI for Quant Finance, Responsible AI and Social Good, Big Data Analytics, and much more.

Networking Opportunities:

Achieving your career goals takes more than technical skill and knowledge. Networking and building connections in your chosen field is also an important component. A  data science conference gathers together hundreds of your peers, as well as, experts and representatives from the top companies in the industry, providing the opportunity to meet individuals from a variety of organizations from around the world and at different levels in their careers. ODSC Europe, in particular, helps you build these connections through its networking events, such as Meet the Experts and Meet the Speakers, book signing sessions, and much more.

https://odsc.com/europe/#registerExtra Events:

Conferences also often have extra events that can supplement your learning opportunities and give you insights into the industry or the job market for that field. ODSC Europe, for example, has both the Virtual AI Expo and the Ai+ Career Lab & Expo. At these events, you have the chance to learn about the latest innovations in AI products and solutions for organizations and the ins-and-outs of the data science job market. 

Early Access to New Industry Trends:

Because of the opportunity to showcase their products to potential users, companies bring their latest innovations, sometimes pre-release, to conferences. As a result, you’ll have a chance to check them out, and possibly get hands-on experience, with them before others. If you attend ODSC Europe, you will have the opportunity to see the cutting-edge AI and machine learning products being exhibited at the demo theatre and in the expo hall at The Virtual AI Expo. 

Opportunity to Build a Social Presence:   

Finally, conferences provide you with the chance to build your social media presence in the industry. By their nature, conferences are engaging and frequently inundate Twitter feeds for the duration of the event helping you start conversations and build connections online. For example, by responding to sessions and hashtags during ODSC Europe, you’ll be able to enter contests, engage with other attendees, and join a community of like-minded peers. 

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As you can see, conferences are an important tool in your career search toolbox. To take advantage of extensive learning and networking opportunities, all at one event, be sure to join us at ODSC Europe, June 8th-10th. 



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