How AI is Changing the World of B2B Marketing How AI is Changing the World of B2B Marketing
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a leading factor in numerous eye-opening marketing experiments in the past few years. Studies show that... How AI is Changing the World of B2B Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a leading factor in numerous eye-opening marketing experiments in the past few years. Studies show that 80% of B2B marketers believe that AI will revolutionize marketing in the coming years.

AI can emulate the human mind’s capacity while making more precise business decisions. Using big data and intelligent machine learning, AI can help B2B marketers make more informed decisions and put their money into the right places.

Let’s look at how AI is changing the marketing world and leading to massive customer engagement and revenue improvements.

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AI-Powered Communications 

AI-driven communications such as chatbots and AI assistants have changed the marketing world ever since their evolution. 

Chatbots are affordable, easy to integrate, and getting increasingly intelligent by the day. Communications with such bots have turned much more conversational and real than they were a few years back.

This is why numerous B2B businesses have adopted chatbots as their primary communication channel. Such a communication channel also saves a lot of time and manpower that can be applied to more crucial tasks instead.

Smart virtual assistants are another great AI innovation that can be effectively leveraged for marketing. Virtual assistants can help marketers qualify leads and prevent any leaks in their sales funnel. 

Such digital assistants are capable of having full-blown natural language email conversations that look like they are coming from a real person.

Lead Generation in AI B2B Marketing

Lead generation is one of the areas that has been most affected by the advent of AI. Numerous lead generation channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or even email marketing have been transformed using AI B2B marketing.

Thousands of hyper-targeted and automated messages can be sent through any of these mediums using AI. By using AI for lead generation, businesses can generate 10X more leads compared to manual lead generation techniques.

Plus, useful insights such as demographics and behavioral data generated through AI can be super-useful for laser-targeting your ideal audience for generating high-quality leads.

Web Accessibility

Another massive change that has been brought about by AI is effective web accessibility compliance. Gone are the days when ADA title iii compliance meant manually going through hundreds of pages on your website, conducting comprehensive audits, and manually fixing accessibility issues. 

Such manual tasks can take a lot of manpower and time. And with such old school accessibility solutions, there are high chances of manual errors cropping up.

Moreover, with more pages being added to your website and frequently changing accessibility guidelines, it’s next to impossible to remain completely ADA compliant all the time.

To overcome these difficulties, AI-powered web accessibility solutions or manual remediation can be the most viable option. In addition, web accessibility testers can automatically audit your website for accessibility issues and keep fixing them – all of this just by adding a single line of code to your website. 

Imagine the amount of time you’ll save up deploying such a web accessibility tool for your website.

Better Customer Insights

AI can help marketers gain consumer insights like no other. Right from your customers’ pain points, their interests, agitations, limitations, to what exactly they are looking for – all these insights can be gained today by using AI combined with machine learning and big data.

Be it the top of your sales funnel that requires data related to your ideal customers’ behavior, or the bottom-most part of your sales funnel, numerous eye-opening information can be collected and utilized.

Historical B2B marketing data can be used to segment customers based on which buying stage they are in. Using these insights, marketers can pivot their advertising, branding, and ad placements in a way that yields the maximum results. Such customer insights can help marketers improve their sales and conversion rates multiple folds.

For instance, AI can help marketers identify impulse buyers. This information can be used to target such impulse buying B2B customers in specific ways, like leveraging urgency and offering time-sensitive deals to them.


With the amount of data available today, personalization is the only thing that can make consumers feel special and valued. So, personalization is the key to improving any business’ conversion rates.

AI can be used to collect and analyze large customer bases, segment them, and laser-target them in the most personalized way possible. 

Today’s AI solutions can analyze massive chunks of data that would never have been possible through human research. These insights are used for sending ultra-personalized and humanized messages to consumers. 

Personalization is not just limited to first names. These days personalization involves using data such as user demographics, customer personalities, personal life, hobbies, etiquettes, and many more for effective communication. Today, thousands of hyper-personalized emails can be sent on one go, which wouldn’t have been possible without AI.

Better Segmentation and Targeting in AI B2B Marketing

Effective customer segmentation has brought in changes in the marketing world like no other. Around 81% of marketers are planning to or are using AI for customer segmentation. 

Be it emails, social media, or content marketing – customer segmentation is necessary for predicting consumer behavior and ad-targeting based on these segments. Segmentation can lead to more ROI for the marketing efforts that B2B businesses put in.

AI solutions, deployed as a part of leading social media platforms, can capture even small signals leading to massive conversion rates. 

Conclusion of AI B2b Marketing

To summarize, AI has been nothing less than a boon to the modern B2B marketing world. Smart investments in AI solutions have led to astonishing improvements in conversions, customer acquisition, and customer retention rates. Moreover, AI B2B marketing has also led to numerous happy customers and improved their quality of life.

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