How to Attend ODSC APAC 2020 for Free How to Attend ODSC APAC 2020 for Free
In the nature of open-source data science, we want to make our conferences accessible to those who may not have a... How to Attend ODSC APAC 2020 for Free

In the nature of open-source data science, we want to make our conferences accessible to those who may not have a chance to attend. For the ODSC APAC Virtual Training Conference & Expo this December 8-9, we have a few ways that you can attend ODSC APAC 2020 free to experience content from world-renowned speakers and industry leaders that no other content can provide.

Scholarships to attend ODSC APAC

At ODSC, diversity, inclusion, and democratization of data science are core values. At each conference we strive to create an inclusive experience, ensuring unrepresented groups feel welcome in the data science community.

As part of this initiative, we are offering a limited amount of scholarship passes for free and discounted passes. Please apply by filling out the form if you would like to be considered for one of our scholarships. The only qualification necessary is a desire to increase your knowledge in the field of data science. Learn more about our scholarship initiatives here. The last day to apply is December 6 so don’t delay.

Virtual AI Expo Hall

Discover the machine intelligence, deep learning, and AI platforms and solutions that are transforming the world of business and delivering some of today’s most dynamic and exciting products and services. The ODSC APAC 2020 Virtual AI Expo Hall this December 8-9 will feature booths from 9 partners, 9 demo talks, 5 networking events, 15 virtual boots, and more to help you settle the build vs. buy dilemma for your business. This year, partners include S&P Global Market Intelligence, SAS, Microsoft Azure, and other industry experts.

General Pass – Free Talks

On both December 8 & 9, by registering for a free General Pass, you’ll gain access to all of the talks that the event has to offer. This includes 30 talks during ODSC India on December 8 and 18 talks at ODSC APAC on December 9. Learn more about the ODSC APAC 2020 speakers here.

Keynotes Livestream

By registering for an ODSC APAC General Pass, you’ll hear from our lineup of keynote speakers.

On December 8, …

On December 9, you will hear from Toby Walsh, PhD. He is a Laureate Fellow and Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence at UNSW and leads the Algorithmic Decision Theory group at Data61. In his Keynote talk, “AI and Ethics,” he will identify what new issues AI brings to the table, as well as where AI requires us to address otherwise old issues, and how we should go about dealing with these old and new ethical challenges.

Upgrade to attend ODSC APAC and access everything 

While that’s quite a lot of free access to data science expertise, there’s still so much more to learn at ODSC APAC 2020. By purchasing a ticket, you get access to all of the talks, virtual events, and live training sessions to help you become an expert data scientist in less than a week. 

With an all-access pass you’ll be able to attend all of the workshops on December 9, and unlike the free ticket options, you’ll be able to access all of the on-demand sessions following the event. Some highlighted workshops include:

  • Building a Network Analysis App in Python with Ian Hansel│Director│Verge Labs
  • Accessible AI and ML for the Data Scientist with Graham Williams, PhD│Professor and Chief Scientist│Australian National University 
  • SQL for Data Science with Duhita Khadepau, PhD│Head of Data│Assignar

Ready to see everything that ODSC APAC 2020 has to offer? See the schedule here and register for an all-access pass here.



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