How to Attend ODSC East 2021 for Free How to Attend ODSC East 2021 for Free
In the nature of open-source data science, we want to make our conferences accessible to those who may not have a... How to Attend ODSC East 2021 for Free

In the nature of open-source data science, we want to make our conferences accessible to those who may not have a chance to attend. For the ODSC East 2021 Virtual Conference this March 30th to April 1st, we have a few ways that you can attend ODSC East 2021 free to experience content from world-renowned speakers and industry leaders that no other content can provide.

Scholarships to Attend ODSC East 2021 Free

At ODSC, diversity, inclusion, and democratization of data science are core values. At each conference we strive to create an inclusive experience, ensuring unrepresented groups feel welcome in the data science community.

As part of this initiative, we are offering a limited number of scholarships for free and discounted passes. Please apply by filling out the form if you would like to be considered for one of our scholarships. The only qualification necessary is a desire to increase your knowledge in the field of data science. Learn more about our scholarship initiatives here. The last day to apply is March 26th, so don’t delay.

Virtual AI Expo Hall

Discover the machine intelligence, deep learning, and AI platforms and solutions that are transforming the world of business and delivering some of today’s most dynamic and exciting products and services. The Virtual AI Expo March 30-31 gives you direct access and exposure to some of the leading platforms in the field. You’ll gain access to 30+ virtual booths, 30+ demo talks, and 2 days of ODSC keynotes.

attend ODSC Easy 2021Career Lab & Expo

Whether you are trying to kick-start or accelerate your data science career, the AI+ Career Lab & Expo 2021 this April 1st from 10 am to 4:30 pm is the place to be. 20+ hiring partners will be seeking talented individuals to fill their open data science positions – reach out to them virtually – no matter where you are in the world.

When you attend ODSC East 2021 free, you’ll be able to get your resume reviewed by a hiring expert, apply for jobs from around the world, watch career advice talks on how to push your career to the next level, and more. Current hiring partners include Wayfair, Doordash, CVS, and more to come.

Free Keynote Livestream

Sign up for the Career Lab & Expo pass or the Virtual AI Expo pass to learn about the latest developments in data science and AI from our renowned Keynote Speakers this March 30th-31st. This year’s keynotes include Mihaela van der Schaar, PhD of UCLA, Prof. James A. Hendler of RPI-IBM, Bryan Harris of SAS, and Christ Wright of Red Hat. 

Virtual Poster Session

See what academics and researchers are examining now at the Virtual Poster Session! See the latest work on Applied Data Science, NLP, Machine and Deep Learning, and more. 

Upgrade to access everything

While that’s quite a lot of free access to data science expertise, there’s still so much more to learn at ODSC East 2021. By purchasing a ticket, you get access to all of the talks, virtual events, and live training sessions to help you become an expert data scientist in less than a week. Learn more about the training sessions here – sessions that you can only attend by purchasing a ticket. 



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