How to Attend ODSC West 2022 For Free How to Attend ODSC West 2022 For Free
ODSC West 2022 is where the data pros go, to connect, mingle, grow, and find the latest in data science and... How to Attend ODSC West 2022 For Free

ODSC West 2022 is where the data pros go, to connect, mingle, grow, and find the latest in data science and AI. But, if you’re strapped for cash, there are still a couple of ways that you’ll still be able to enjoy the conference this November 1st-3rd for free. Let’s go, and take a look and see how you can attend ODSC West 2022 for free!


At ODSC, we are proud to stand by the core values of diversity, inclusion, and the democratization of data science. This is why the ODSC Scholarship is so important to us. By providing free and discounted passes to eligible recipients, we’ll not only work toward the values of data science but also help enrich our conferences with the diversity that makes the data science field the sandbox of innovation.

Now, who is eligible? Well, there are many categories that ODSC takes into account to ensure that the scholarship is utilized as must as possible: Members of ethnic minority groups, the LGBT community, Unemployed/Under-employed individuals seeking to break into data science, women in tech or just entering the field, and work-study/grad students. The application is simple, and straight to the point. If you’re interested fill it out today!

Expo Pass

The expo pass is a great way to not only attend the ODSC West AI Expo & Demo Hall for free, in-person or virtually, but you’ll also get a glimpse of what the future has in store! Over thirty partners will hold talks, demos, networking events, and more. There you’ll see the latest technology and ai solutions on full display. At each booth, you’ll see ai-powered solutions to a variety of problems plaguing just about every industry. You’ll also get to see demos of these products in action, while also enjoying some thought-provoking Keynote Speeches. You can register for free here!

Career Lab

With all of the news of restructuring hitting tech, many are looking to dust off their resume and look for their next opportunity. Even if you’re only looking to put out some feelers, ODSC’s AI+ Career Lab is a great place to get started, get noticed, and find the next leg of your data journey. Like the AI Expo, you can attend either in-person or virtually, while enjoying mentor talks, resume workshops, the resume database, networking events, and more.

Now is a great time to brush up on the latest info on who’s hiring while enjoying mentoring services from some of the best-known names in data science: Ken Jee, Daliana Liu, Allie Miller, Arwen Griffioen, PhD, and Marwan Kashef. This doesn’t include some of the biggest names in tech who are actively searching for their next rock star. So sign up today for the career lab and see for yourself that your data science career doesn’t have to have limits!

Register now!

So what do you think? Some great ways to attend ODSC West, while not breaking the bank, and getting some great value from your time. If you’re interested in hands-on, expert-led workshops, and training then now is the time to take advantage of 30% off all ticket upgrades. But this offer ends soon, upgrade today and we’ll see you in San Francisco! 



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