IBM Announces Major Updates to watsonx Platform IBM Announces Major Updates to watsonx Platform
At its annual THINK conference, IBM  unveiled significant updates to its watsonx platform, marking one year since its introduction. The new... IBM Announces Major Updates to watsonx Platform

At its annual THINK conference, IBM  unveiled significant updates to its watsonx platform, marking one year since its introduction. The new enhancements aim to make AI more open, cost-effective, and flexible for businesses.

CEO Arvind Krishna, during his opening keynote, highlighted the company’s commitment to investing in and contributing to the open-source AI community as a core strategy. “We firmly believe in bringing open innovation to AI. We want to use the power of open source to do with AI what was successfully done with Linux and OpenShift,” said Krishna.

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Continuing, “Open means choice. Open means more eyes on the code, more minds on the problems, and more hands-on solutions. For any technology to gain velocity and become ubiquitous, you’ve got to balance three things: competition, innovation, and safety. Open source is a great way to achieve all three.

IBM has also open-sourced its advanced Granite models. These models, ranging from 3B to 34B parameters, are now available under Apache 2.0 licenses on Hugging Face and GitHub. These models are designed to excel in various tasks such as application modernization, code generation, bug fixing, and more.

The Granite models, which have been trained on 116 programming languages, consistently demonstrate state-of-the-art performance among open-source code large language models. During the conference, IBM also introduced InstructLab, a new collaboration with Red Hat, which aims to advance open-source innovation around LLMs.

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InstructLab allows for the continuous development of base models through incremental contributions, enabling businesses to build models tailored to their specific domains and data. This initiative underscores IBM’s strategy to integrate open-source contributions into its watsonx.ai and the new Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI (RHEL AI) solutions.

IBM announced several upcoming updates to its family of watsonx assistants to help businesses overcome common AI deployment barriers such as the skills gap and data complexity. The new AI Assistants include:

  • watsonx Code Assistant for Enterprise Java Applications (available October 2024)
  • watsonx Assistant for Z to improve user interactions and knowledge transfer (available June 2024)
  • watsonx Code Assistant for Z Service with enhanced code explanation capabilities (available June 2024)

These updates are designed to facilitate quicker AI deployment and improve understanding and documentation of complex applications. There will also be the integration of third-party models into watsonx and collaboration with industry leaders.

Some notable partnerships include:

  • AWS: Integrating watsonx. governance with Amazon SageMaker for enhanced AI governance capabilities.
  • Adobe: Collaborating to bring watsonx and Red Hat OpenShift to the Adobe Experience Platform.
  • Meta: Introducing Meta’s Llama 3 on watsonx to drive open innovation in AI.
  • Salesforce: Exploring the integration of IBM Granite models into the Salesforce Einstein 1 platform.
  • SAP: Working together to leverage generative AI for cloud solutions.
  • Microsoft: Supporting watsonx AI and data platform on Microsoft Azure.

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IBM also previewed IBM Concert, a new generative AI-powered tool that will be available in June 2024. IBM Concert is designed to serve as the nerve center of an enterprise’s technology and operations, providing generative AI-driven insights to predict and address issues proactively.

This tool integrates with existing systems, using AI to connect with data from cloud infrastructure, source repositories, and CI/CD pipelines. For more information visit their press release.



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