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Data Scientist

Enthsquare, Inc.

Job description
Client is open to full time or contract.

In person Interview required, local applicants highly preferred.

Seeking a highly motivated data scientist to work on log analytics.

Job Description

Data scientist who is ready to apply their data mining and machine learning knowledge to real-world machine generated logs to derive insights for various aspects of telecommunication networks. We seek candidates with a background in computer science (or a related field) and knowledge and experience with data mining, machine learning and statistics. Your responsibilities include cleaning and analyzing data, build predictive analytics models, and derive insights.

Desired Skills and Experience:

* PhD in Computer Science or related fields (Electrical Engineering, Math, or Statistics) is required

* Strong programming skills with a scripting language such as Python, Perl, or shell programming are required

* Experience with a programming language and/or tool for data mining/machine learning, such as Python/Pandas/Scikit-learn, R, Matlab is required

* Knowledge in networking and communications is a plus

* Knowledge in deep learning and experience with deep learning platforms is a plus

* Experience with networking datasets such as SNMP, NetFlow, CDRs, packet traces is a plus

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