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Data Scientist

Q-State Biosciences

Job description
Q-State Biosciences is seeking a highly skilled Data Scientist to analyze and visualize data from its cutting edge disease modeling and drug screening efforts. The successful candidate will work closely with Q-State’s scientific and management teams to provide solutions in a high quality and scientifically rigorous fashion.

Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze all-optical electrophysiology recordings from complex cellular cultures
Extract and visualize subtle features from multidimensional data
Develop classifiers to categorize patients, cell types, and pharmacological responses
Implement new and improve existing analysis algorithms
Further develop software for automated generation of reports
Improve pipelines for handling and analyzing large amounts of data
Collaborate with other team members to ensure data are acquired, processed, and stored according to appropriate procedures
Solve complex problems in activity-based image segmentation in the presence of high noise (independent components analysis, morphological image processing)
Minimum Qualifications Required

Experience in MATLAB
Ability to write clean and efficient analysis software
Must have the ability to analyze complex statistical problems, propose elegant and broadly applicable solutions, and translate to clearly documented algorithms
Knowledge of fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming
Ability to work independently and in cross-functional teams
Flexibility to work in a startup atmosphere
Excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills
Ph.D. in a relevant discipline or equivalent experience
Additional Qualifications Desired

Knowledge of electrophysiology, basic elements of neuronal biophysics
Algorithms expertise in machine learning, dimensionality reduction, and/or image processing
Experience in Python, Windows, Linux, SQL/NoSQL databases, and/or cloud compute (e.g. AWS)
Git or other collaborative version control

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