Learn About the Latest Projects in AI at the ODSC Europe AI Expo Hall With These Sessions Learn About the Latest Projects in AI at the ODSC Europe AI Expo Hall With These Sessions
Research and new offerings in AI fuel the field of data science. At ODSC events, we love to highlight our partners’... Learn About the Latest Projects in AI at the ODSC Europe AI Expo Hall With These Sessions

Research and new offerings in AI fuel the field of data science. At ODSC events, we love to highlight our partners’ latest developments, products, services, and research, so that you can see how organizations from around the world are changing the landscape of AI. At ODSC Europe this June 14th and 15th, you can learn about these developments through the demo talks mentioned below.

The Tangent Information Modeler, time series modeling reinvented

Philip Wauters | Customer Success Manager and Value Engineer  | Tangent Works

Modeling time series data is difficult due to its large quantities and constantly evolving nature. Existing techniques have limitations in scalability, agility, explainability, and accuracy. Despite 50 years of research, current techniques often fall short when applied to time series data. The Tangent Information Modeler (TIM) offers a game-changing approach with efficient and effective feature engineering based on Information Geometry. This multivariate modeling co-pilot can handle a wider range of time series use cases with award-winning results and incredible performance.

Turning your Data/AI algorithms into full web apps in no time with Taipy

Alexandre Sajus | Co-Founder | Taipy

Florian Jacta Customer Success Manager | Taipy

In the Python open-source ecosystem, many packages are available that cater to the building of great algorithms and the visualization of data. Despite this, over 85% of Data Science Pilots remain pilots and do not make it to the production stage. With Taipy, a new open-source Python framework, Data Scientists/Python Developers are able to build great pilots as well as stunning production-ready applications for end-users.

DeltaLake – Enabling Open-Source Lakehouses

Anna-Maria Wykes | Principal Consultant | Advancing Analytics

Delta Lake, hosted by the Linux Foundation, is an open-source file layout protocol for giving us back those good times, whilst retaining all of the flexibility of the lake. Delta has gone from strength to strength, and in 2022 Databricks finally open-sourced the entire code base, including lots of advanced features that were previously Databricks-only. 

This session will take you from the absolute basics of using Delta within a Lake, through to some of those advancing engineering features, including: Handling Schema Drift, Applying Constraints, Time-Travel & Management, and Optimizing & Performance Tuning.

Building Next-gen Recommendation Systems with Galileo.XAI

Alberto De Lazzari | Chief Scientist | LARUS Business Automation

Graph AI can achieve the state of the art on many machine learning tasks regarding relational data. One of them is recommendations which can be found in many services such as content streaming, shopping, or social media. Discrete data approaches are limited by definition while analyzing interconnections is fundamental to understanding complex interactions and behaviors. Our customer-centric approach lets you create a holistic view of the customer from different perspectives. With our solution, a Graph AI platform with explainability at the core, you can build a recommendation engine powered by connected data to provide better recommendations. We will show, step by step, how the user can interact with the platform to get new insights and better understand customer behavior and preferences that are the basis for recommending better content to them. The platform also provides the explainability of the recommendation which is fundamental to building better and more trustworthy models.

Build a Modern Data Estate in 15 Minutes

Chris Butcher | Solution Specialist | TimeXtender

TimeXtender provides all the features you need to build a future-proof infrastructure for ingesting, transforming, modeling, and delivering clean, reliable data in the fastest, most efficient way possible.  You can’t optimize for everything all at once. That’s why we take a holistic approach to data integration that optimizes for agility, not fragmentation. By unifying each layer of the data stack, TimeXtender empowers you to build data solutions 10x faster, while reducing your costs by 70%-80%. 

In this session, we shall show you how to gather data in raw form and structure for use in advanced analytics and AI, create a modern data warehouse with access to improved data, build semantic models for self-service analytics, and document your analytics data for compliance.

Ask the Experts! ML Pros Deep-Dive into Machine Learning Techniques and MLOps

Seth Juarez | Principal Program Manager | Microsoft 

Experienced machine learning engineers and data scientists care about ways to easily get their models up and running quickly and share ML assets across teams for collaboration. Collaborate and streamline the management of thousands of models across teams with new, innovative features in Azure Machine Learning. Come and join us in this interactive session with our product experts and get your questions answered on the latest capabilities in Azure Machine Learning!

Generative AI for the Enterprise

Jake Bengtson | Principal Technical Evangelist | Cloudera

Services like ChatGPT and others powered by Generative AI are fueling innovation and efficiency across industries. However, these services do not come without their risks, as they raise critical questions regarding data privacy and ethical considerations. CML offers a secure environment for you to experiment with and run your own open source Large Language Models augmented with your proprietary data.

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