May 2024 Top LLM & Generative AI News, Research, & Open-Source Tools May 2024 Top LLM & Generative AI News, Research, & Open-Source Tools
Every month, there are countless updates in the world of large language models. Between new tools being announced, updates to existing... May 2024 Top LLM & Generative AI News, Research, & Open-Source Tools

Every month, there are countless updates in the world of large language models. Between new tools being announced, updates to existing ones, and funding rounds for growing companies, there’s plenty going on in the space. Generative AI news, apps, chatbots, LLMs, frameworks, and other projects are at the top of every AI enthusiast’s mind lately, so here, we’ll examine some updates for the month of May 2024.

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LLM & Generative AI News

Meta’s big, expensive AI bet hinges on giving its models away for free

Meta recently announced the rollout of Llama 3, the open-code large language model that underpins the Meta AI assistant tool widely accessible on its flagship social media platforms.

Generative AI could soon decimate the call center industry, says CEO

While we’ve already seen a few companies replace phone-based support staff with generative AI, there are warnings that the entire industry could be comprised mostly of chatbots in as soon as a year. This prediction comes from K Krithivasan, head of Indian IT giant Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro enters public preview on Vertex AI

Gemini 1.5 Pro, Google’s most capable generative AI model, is now available in public preview on Vertex AI, Google’s enterprise-focused AI development platform. The company announced the news during its annual Cloud Next conference.

OpenAI Looks to Balance Risks and Model Capabilities

As the next ChatGPT is poised to launch, OpenAI is working to remain at the forefront of AI while balancing capabilities and risks.

New AI Image Detector Tool Being Developed by OpenAI

OpenAI has announced the launch of a new AI image detector for images generated by its advanced text-to-image generator, DALL-E 3.

Report States OpenAI Will Release Search Engine to Compete Against Google

OpenAI has its sights on Google’s search engine dominance as the company is set to announce its new AI-powered search product soon.

Google Introduces Generative AI Into Search and More

Google has announced that its search engine will be powered by a new custom Gemini model, promising to streamline the search process.

OpenAI Introduces GPT-4o to the World

OpenAI announced the release of GPT-4o, a new GPT model that promises to seamlessly integrate text, audio, image, and video inputs and outputs. 

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LLM & Generative AI Research

DrBenchmark: A Large Language Understanding Evaluation Benchmark for French Biomedical Domain

Software Vulnerability Prediction in Low-Resource Languages: An Empirical Study of CodeBERT and ChatGPT

Harnessing the Power of Multiple Minds: Lessons Learned from LLM Routing

AdaMoLE: Fine-Tuning Large Language Models with Adaptive Mixture of Low-Rank Adaptation Experts

Self-Play Preference Optimization for Language Model Alignment

DeepSeek-V2: A Strong, Economical, and Efficient Mixture-of-Experts Language Model

Pedestrian Attribute Recognition as Label-balanced Multi-label Learning

Xmodel-VLM: A Simple Baseline for Multimodal Vision Language Model

New Open-Source LLM & Generative AI Tools

Perplexica – An AI-powered search engine. It is an open-source alternative to Perplexity AI

EasyEdit – An easy-to-use knowledge editing framework for LLMs

Laravel-Open-Source-Projects – A web artisan list of categorized open-source projects built with Laravel PHP Framework.

ChatGPT app mobile – open-source chat application developed with .NET MAUI, employing OpenAI technologies to replicate functionality similar to ChatGPT. The application generates chat responses using these OpenAI technologies.

Tracecat – An open-source alternative to Tines / Splunk SOAR. Build AI-assisted workflows, orchestrate alerts, and close cases fast.

Skyvern AI – Automate browser-based workflows with LLMs and Computer Vision

NocoBase – A scalability-first, open-source no-code/low-code platform for building business applications and enterprise solutions.

Bilibot – A local chatbot fine-tuned by bilibili user comments.

Gemini Cookbook – A collection of guides and examples for the Gemini API.

Phidata – Allows for the building of AI Assistants with memory, knowledge, and tools.

FooocusFooocus is an image generating software based on Gradio.

OpenAI Cookbook –  Examples and guides for using the OpenAI API

Lobe Chat – an open-source, modern-design LLMs/AI chat framework. Supports Multi AI Providers( OpenAI / Claude 3 / Gemini / Ollama / Bedrock / Azure / Mistral / Perplexity ), Multi-Modals (Vision/TTS) and plugin system. One-click FREE deployment of your private ChatGPT chat application.

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Startups & Funding

San Francisco-based Rad AI, a developer of software that uses AI to automate radiology report writing, aiming to enhance accuracy and reduce radiologist burnout, raised over $83M in Series B.

London-based PlolyAI developer a machine learning platform for conversational artificial intelligence, raised $116M in Series C.

How to Learn More About LLM & Generative AI Updates

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