Meet the Speakers of ODSC NYC 2019 Meet the Speakers of ODSC NYC 2019
Data science, by nature, is always evolving. We at ODSC are always happy to showcase that exciting, fast-paced change. At ODSC... Meet the Speakers of ODSC NYC 2019

Data science, by nature, is always evolving. We at ODSC are always happy to showcase that exciting, fast-paced change. At ODSC NYC 2019, we’ve brought together some of the brightest data scientists to make that point. From introductory talks for those who are just entering the field, to personal stories of changing career paths, to the future of data science and AI, we have a great conference for you. Read below to meet the speakers and get a feel for who you might want to see!

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The Speakers of ODSC NYC:

Andreas Mueller, PhD 

Speakers of ODSC NYC

Andreas Mueller is a main contributors of scikit-learn, a machine learning toolkit widely used in both industry and academia. He’s authored and contributed to a number of open source projects related to machine learning. Mueller will be giving an introduction to machine learning using scikit-learn, which should give you all the necessary information to using the program yourself.


Jon Krohn, PhD

Speakers of ODSC NYCJon Krohn is the Chief Data Scientist at the machine learning company untapt. He has been publishing on machine learning in leading peer-reviewed journals since 2010 and his book, Deep Learning Illustrated, is being published by Pearson this year. He’ll be giving a primer talk on deep learning. It will provide a great foundation to start creating models of your own, and includes both the essential theory and tips to avoid common downfalls.


Chakri Cherukuri

Speakers of ODSC NYCChakri Cherukuri is a senior researcher in the Quantitative Financial Research Group at Bloomberg LP in NYC. His research interests include quantitative portfolio management, algorithmic trading strategies, and applied machine learning. His talk will focus on transitioning your career in data science to one in quantitative finance, including the overlapping and different skills you’ll need.


Bisakha Peskin, PhD

Speakers of ODSC NYCBisakha Peskin is a Lead Data Scientist at the MassMutual Life Insurance Company. Her talk will be on changing domains within data science, with personal experience on moving from healthcare to life insurance. She discusses how it is more about the fundamental technical problem, scientific investigative skills, creativity, and the story than about the field


Jared Lander

Speakers of ODSC NYCJared Lander is the Chief Data Scientist of Lander Analytics a data science consultancy based in New York City, the Organizer of the New York Open Statistical Programming Meetup and the New York R Conference, and is an Adjunct Professor of Statistics at Columbia University. He is the author of R for Everyone: Advanced Analytics and Graphics, and will be giving a talk on Machine Learning with R.


Triveni Gandhi, PhD

Speakers of ODSC NYCTriveni Gandhi is a Data Scientist at Dataiku where she works with clients to create custom AI solutions and find meaning from complex data science pipelines. Gandhi holds a PhD in Political Science from Cornell University and is giving a talk on transitioning from a career in political science to one in data science. In it, you’ll understand that data science isn’t just for those with a math or tech background, and will walk away with the steps to take your current skill set and create a career in data science that works for you.

Jake Porway, PhD

Jake Porway is an expert in the field of data and technology. As Founder and Executive Director of DataKind, a global nonprofit dedicated to using data science and AI in the service of humanity, he has worked alongside the nonprofit community to drive social change with the power of data science since 2011. He’ll be giving a talk on using data science for social good, which will include some of his tried and true tips that he’s gained throughout his career. Participants will also be exposed to the ways of doing data science in the social sector that can differ from that academia and industry, and will also be offered constructive steps forward so they can begin making a positive impact.

Christopher Bishop

Christopher Bishop is a TedX speaker and self-described Chief Reinvention Officer. He worked in the entertainment business for over 20 years, spent 15 years at IBM in a variety of roles, then shifted into an executive communications role at Corporate Headquarters driving social media adoption and the use of virtual worlds. Bishop is an ODSC veteran, previously speaking at the ODSC event Accelerate AI, in London. He also recently co-authored a paper with MIT Media Lab professor Sandy Pentland titled “Blockchain+AI+Human”, describing the business possibilities as well as the socio-cultural implications of connecting AI and blockchain. In his talk he’ll help attendees better understand career and learning paths for data science, as well as providing a socio-historical context, and descriptions of trending and future opportunities across a range of sectors and verticals.

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These incredible speakers, and many, many more, will be featured at ODSC NYC 2019, hosted from June 28-29. The conference is a life-changing opportunity to learn, network, and delve into the world of data science, no matter what your entering level is.

You can purchase tickets, get more information, or read more on each panel, here. Don’t miss your chance to hear from the speakers of ODSC NYC —the leading minds in data science— all in one place. And read more on all things data science here.



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