More AI Solutions Coming to the ODSC West AI Expo & Demo Hall More AI Solutions Coming to the ODSC West AI Expo & Demo Hall
The ODSC West 2022 AI Expo and Demo Hall’s doors will be opening in just under two weeks this November 1st... More AI Solutions Coming to the ODSC West AI Expo & Demo Hall

The ODSC West 2022 AI Expo and Demo Hall’s doors will be opening in just under two weeks this November 1st & 2nd. Our partners will be showcasing their cutting-edge AI solutions, products, and services over the course of two days. Get a sneak peek at what to expect from their live demonstrations during ODSC West below.

Unlocking High-Quality Data with Ground Control: Lucas Chatham | Product Manager | iMerit Technology

Join iMerit’s demo talk with Lucas Chatham to learn about the current state of Ground Control and the company’s plan for its future. This session will start with an overview of DataOps, its many challenges, and solution vectors and end with a chance for attendees to have their questions answered. 

Neo4j Demo: A Graph Data Science Framework for the Enterprise: Stuart Laurie | Senior Field Engineer | Neo4j

Get a firsthand demonstration of how simple it is to get started with Neo4j’s graph data platform. During this session, you’ll see how Neo4j’s many products and services can significantly increase what’s possible with graphs. 

Turbo Boost Workflows for AI, ML, DevOps, and EDA with Modern File Utilities: Justin Emerson | Principal Technology Evangelist | Pure Storage

Although storage, compute, and networking technologies have seen significant advancements over the past three decades, the tools used to copy, index, manage, and analyze data have seen only modest gains. In this session, you’ll learn how you can greatly improve data pipelines and workflow used for file management with Pure Storage and the Rapid File Toolkit 2.0.

ML Tools for Humans: Ben Sherman | Machine learning Solutions Consultant | Weights and Biases 

Join this session to learn how Weights and Biases are helping machine learning practitioners simplify the process of tracking and versioning models and datasets, optimizing hyperparameters, visualizing performance and predictions, and more with their standard kit of developer tools. 

Forecasting Crypto Currency Prices with Cloudera Applied Machine Learning Prototypes: Jake Bengtson | Sr. Product Marketing Manager | Cloudera

Join this session to learn how Cloudera’s library of Applied ML Prototypes (AMPs) can simplify the process of creating a variety of common data science projects with end-to-end solutions and pre-built reference examples. This live demo will illustrate how an AMP can be utilized for structural time series analysis. 

Achieving End-to-End Data Trust with Monte Carlo: Brandon Chen | Product Marketing Manager | Monte Carlo

Join this session to learn how Monte Carlo can help you establish end-to-end data observability for your data pipelines. You’ll also discover how Monte Carlo can significantly decrease the time needed to detect data problems. 

Data-driven ML Retraining with Production Insights: Oryan Omer | Lead Software Engineer | Superwise

Join this session to discover how ML monitoring can help you solve machine learning performance issues. You’ll learn how a data-driven approach enables you to make better retraining selections and shorten retraining cycles. 

From Data to Decisions: Make your Machine Learning Models mean more with Mathematical Optimization: Jerry Yurchisin | Data Science Strategist | Gurobi Optimization

Machine learning models can tell you what happened in the past and what may happen in the future, but they can’t always tell you what the best path forward is. To answer that question, you will need to employ mathematical optimization, which is the focus of this session. 

Data Science at 200mph, How HP Data Science Powers Winning Racing, Presented by HP Inc: Alex Duncan | Product Manager, Data Science Solutions | HP and Steve Sutton | Software Engineer, Data Science Core Business | HP

Join this session to learn how Z by HP Data Science workstations, displays, software and hardware solutions can improve the speed and accuracy of your data models, simulations, and analysis. 

Azure AI Powered Global Translator: Savita Mittal | Senior Cloud Solutions Architect | Microsoft

Designed for industries that need to engage with people in need of audiovisual translation services, Azure AI Powered Global Translator App allows for easy document translation via both language and audio preferences through various Microsoft platforms. Learn how this tool can help increase accessibility to people with language or visual accessibility issues. 

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