ODSC East 2019 Sneak Peek: Insights from 19 Data Science ExpertsData science doesn’t just happen magically by itself. All walks of data science and artificial intelligence – from machine learning and deep learning to NLP and computer vision – are successful thanks to the people behind it.

At ODSC, our conferences are built upon these industry leaders – experts from organizations you’ve likely heard of before, academic institutions researching the future of AI, and the people behind many of the products you use daily.

In this downloadable package, you will gain insights from 19 of these industry experts. Fill out the form below and receive a link to the download instantly. Consider forwarding it to colleagues, friends, and other data science practitioners!

Topics include:

  • AI Idea Analysis
  • Computer Vision
  • DataOps
  • Deep Learning
  • Text Classification
  • R Shiny
  • Predictive Analytics
  • And more!