ODSC West 2023 Keynotes: 6 Pioneering Figures in AI ODSC West 2023 Keynotes: 6 Pioneering Figures in AI
We don’t choose important figures in AI from a bucket and hope they speak at our conferences. It’s a long process... ODSC West 2023 Keynotes: 6 Pioneering Figures in AI

We don’t choose important figures in AI from a bucket and hope they speak at our conferences. It’s a long process where we research what’s important in the field of AI today, and decide on who are the best people in the field to talk about it. At ODSC West this October 30th to November 2nd, we’re excited to have some of the best and brightest in AI acting as our keynote speakers this year. Here’s a bit more on each of them.

Chelsea Finn, PhD

Assistant Professor | Stanford University | In-Person | Session: Neural Networks Make Stuff Up. What Should We do About it?

Chelsea is a leading expert in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, and her research focuses on developing methods for robots and other agents to learn and adapt to new tasks and environments quickly and efficiently. She is a pioneer in the field of meta-learning, which is a type of machine learning that allows agents to learn to learn from a small number of examples. This is a critical area of research for developing more general-purpose AI systems. She has developed new methods for robots to learn from interaction with the world, without the need for large amounts of labeled data. This makes it possible for robots to learn new tasks and adapt to new environments quickly and efficiently.

Peter Norvig, PhD

Engineering Director at Google, Education Fellow at the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) | In-Person | Session: Human Centered AI

Peter Norvig is a Distinguished Education Fellow at Stanford’s Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Institute and a researcher at Google Inc; previously he directed Google’s core search algorithms group and Google’s Research group. At Google, it was his responsibility to maintain and improve the quality of our core web search algorithms during a time of twenty-fold growth. There, he also oversaw the birth and growth of world-leading teams in machine translation, speech recognition, and computer vision.

Sarah Bird, PhD

Global Lead for Responsible AI Engineering | Microsoft | Virtual | Session: Building and Using Generative AI Responsibly: Microsoft’s Journey

Sarah is the Director of Responsible AI for Foundational AI Technologies at Microsoft, where she works to accelerate the adoption and positive impact of AI by bringing together the latest innovations in research, product, and policy. She led the cross-company team of experts to develop the new Bing responsibly and led the Responsible AI development for Github Copilot. She also led the product development of responsible AI tools including Fairlearn, SmartNoise, and InterpretML.

Jepson Taylor

Chief AI Strategist | Dataiku | Virtual | Session info coming soon

Jepson has over 18 years of machine-learning experience. After studying chemical engineering Jepson worked for Intel/Micron in applied semiconductor building process control and fault models. After that, he worked as a quant at a hedge fund on a 600 GPU cluster. Taylor is a frequent speaker and writer on AI topics. He is also the host of the popular podcast Atomic Soul, where he interviews experts in AI and other emerging technologies.

Yaron Haviv

Co-Founder and CTO | Iguazio | In-Person | Session: Implementing Gen AI in Practice

Yaron Haviv is a serial entrepreneur who has been applying his deep technological experience in AI, cloud, data, and networking to leading startups and enterprises since the late 1990s. As the Co-Founder and CTO of Iguazio, Yaron drives the strategy for the company’s MLOps platform and led the shift towards the production-first approach to data science and catering to real-time AI use cases. He also initiated and built Nuclio, a leading open-source serverless framework with over 4,000 Github stars and MLRun, a cutting-edge open-source MLOps orchestration framework. 

Raluca Ada Popa, PhD

Computer Security Professor at UC Berkeley,  Co-Founder of Opaque Systems | In-Person | Session: Protecting Sensitive Data Throughout the ML Pipeline using Confidential Computing

Raluca Ada Popa’s research focuses on developing new database systems that are more secure and private. She has made significant contributions to the development of differential privacy, a technique that allows for accurate data analysis while protecting the privacy of individuals. Raluca developed practical systems that protect data confidentiality by computing over encrypted data, as well as designed new encryption schemes that underlie these systems. Her research is being used to develop new privacy-preserving technologies for a wide range of applications, including healthcare, finance, and government.

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