ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of April 26th ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of April 26th
Every week, the ODSC team researches the latest advancements in AI. We review a selection of the most impactful research, trending... ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of April 26th

Every week, the ODSC team researches the latest advancements in AI. We review a selection of the most impactful research, trending open-source projects, and significant startup investments. We carefully curate and share a selection of the most impactful developments, bringing you the insights that matter most to the AI and data science community.

Open Data Science Blog Recap

Apple researchers have introduced a series of new AI models. Dubbed “OpenELM” for “Open-source Efficient Language Models,” these developments offer a glimpse into the potential AI-driven features of future iPhones. (Source)

The Italian government approved a new bill on Tuesday that aims to establish clear guidelines for AI usage. (Source)

The University of Maryland has established its new Artificial Intelligence Interdisciplinary Institute. (Source)

In a new study conducted by Cedars-Sinai, researchers have leveraged artificial intelligence to significantly advance how cardiovascular risks are assessed (Source)

Microsoft announced on Tuesday the launch of Phi-3-mini, a new lightweight AI model aimed at providing cost-effective solutions for its users.  (Source)

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is intensifying scrutiny of Big Tech’s engagements with artificial intelligence start-ups.  (Source)


AI News Highlights

Microsoft just got a $1.1 billion boost from Coca-Cola

Meta’s A.I. Assistant Is Fun to Use, but It Can’t Be Trusted

Tesla Full Self-Driving Comes Out Of Beta, But Must Be Supervised

A conversation with OpenAI’s first artist-in-residence

Apple Vision Pro headset becomes a tool in the operating room

Colorado lawmakers consider landmark artificial intelligence regulations

In the AI Economy, There Will Be Zero Percent Unemployment

Artificial intelligence helps scientists engineer plants to fight climate change

European researchers have built a weather forecasting model with the help of artificial intelligence

AI expert discusses concerns of voice cloning after arrest of Baltimore County athletics director

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New Trending Open Source Projects

  • 20 an Open Source CRM that looks to challenge platforms such as Salesforce and Pipedrive
  • TagStudio is a photo & file organization application with an underlying system that focuses on giving freedom and flexibility to the user.
  • LLama Factory allows for easy and efficient LLM fine-tuning
  • GPT4All  open-source large language models that run locally on your CPU and nearly any GPU
  • MaxText is a high performance, highly scalable, open-source LLM written in pure Python/Jax and targeting Google Cloud TPUs and GPUs for training and inference.
  • Immich – High performance self-hosted photo and video management solution 
  • gnet is an event-driven networking framework that is ultra-fast and lightweight.
  • OpenCRISPR: This repository contains releases for OpenCRISPR, a set of free and open gene editing systems designed by Profluent Bio.
  • Ollama: Run LLMs locally
  • LLM Scraper is a TypeScript library that allows you to convert any webpages into structured data using LLMs

New Trending Research From Around The Globe

  • CAGE: Circumplex Affect Guided Expression Inference – Paper
  • Pillars of Grammatical Error Correction: Comprehensive Inspection Of Contemporary Approaches In The Era of Large Language Models – Paper
  • XFT: Unlocking the Power of Code Instruction Tuning by Simply Merging Upcycled Mixture-of-Experts – Paper
  • OSWorld: Benchmarking Multimodal Agents for Open-Ended Tasks in Real Computer Environments – Paper
  • From Matching to Generation: A Survey on Generative Information Retrieval – Paper
  • Generate-on-Graph: Treat LLM as both Agent and KG in Incomplete Knowledge Graph Question Answering – Paper
  • Simulating Task-Oriented Dialogues with State Transition Graphs and Large Language Models – Paper
  • Unified Unsupervised Salient Object Detection via Knowledge Transfer – Paper
  • CultureBank: An Online Community-Driven Knowledge Base Towards Culturally Aware Language Technologies – Paper
  • KDk: A Defense Mechanism Against Label Inference Attacks in Vertical Federated Learning – Paper
  • Privacy-Preserving Training-as-a-Service for On-Device Intelligence: Concept, Architectural Scheme, and Open Problems – Paper
  • High-resolution meteorology with climate change impacts from global climate model data using generative machine learning – Paper
  • Neural Flow Diffusion Models: Learnable Forward Process for Improved Diffusion Modelling – Paper
  • A clickable embroidered triboelectric sensor for smart fabric – Paper
  • OpenELM: An Efficient Language Model Family with Open-source Training and Inference Framework – Paper
  • Reducing hallucination in structured outputs via Retrieval-Augmented Generation – Paper

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Start-Up Funding News

San Francisco-based Cognition, an applied artificial intelligence lab that focuses on reasoning and code., raised over $196M in Series Funding.

Germany-based Parloa, a conversational AI platform that helps businesses in automating their service channels, raised over €85M in Series B.

San Francisco-based Preplexity AI, an AI-chat-based conversational search engine that delivers answers to questions using language models, raised over $165M in Series Funding.

Ireland-based Tines, a No-code automation for security teams, raised over $146M in Series B.

France-based  FlexAI, a company with a mission to unlock the future of Machine Intelligence by rearchitecting the compute infrastructure, raised over €28M in Seed Funding.

San Francisco-based Nooks, an AI dialing and prospecting company that develops a communication platform to host workshops, classes, and conferences, raised over $27M in Series A.

California-based Chemix, the creator of a AI-based MIX platform to develop breakthrough EV batteries, raised $30M in Series A.

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