ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of April 5th ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of April 5th
Open Data Science Blog Recap The White House Office of Management and Budget, or OMB has introduced guidelines mandating all U.S.... ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of April 5th

Open Data Science Blog Recap

The White House Office of Management and Budget, or OMB has introduced guidelines mandating all U.S. federal agencies to appoint a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer.(Source)

It seems that Google is looking to overhaul its business model and put some AI features behind a paywall. (Source)

IBM announced that IBM watsonx has officially released CodeLlama-34B on its Generative AI Platform. (Source)

Lipscomb University, the Nashville-based institution, has unveiled its latest graduate program offering: a Master of Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence. (Source)

The United States and Britain solidified their commitment to the future of artificial intelligence safety, (Source)

AI News Highlights

Ukraine’s AI-enabled drones are trying to disrupt Russia’s energy industry. So far, it’s working

TrueMedia.org is offering tools for fighting A.I.-manipulated content.

Artificial intelligence could make originalist analysis easier, federal appeals judge says

 Katy Perry, Billie Eilish, J Balvin, and more musicians are lashing out against ‘enormous’ AI threats that they claim ‘sabotage creativity’

Jon Stewart says Apple refused to let him discuss artificial intelligence or interview FTC chair Lina Khan, on his now-canceled Apple TV+ show

AI will be used by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to help choose the 2024 winners of the Nobel Prize for Physics, according to the Academy in a bid to avoid bias.

Meet Dawn AI: An AI Analytics Start-Up Transforming User Requests and Model Outputs into Metrics

George Carlin’s estate reached a settlement this week with the creators of a comedy special that claimed to use artificial intelligence to impersonate the late comedian.

Amazon caught “AI Washing” with new AI stores. In reality, it was powered by workers in India.

DHS Announces Artificial Intelligence Pilot Program to Modernize Immigration Processes

In a first, FDA authorizes AI-driven tests to predict sepsis in hospitals

This new tool makes AI models hallucinate cats to fight copyright infringement

Microsoft’s $100 Billion Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Splurge Could Send This Stock Soaring

Scientists turn to AI to make beer taste even better

The Gaming Industry’s Edge in the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

The FBI is seeking to balance the risks, and rewards of AI, seeing ways that AI could help protect cyber networks, but also ways it could be an ethical quagmire or a tool for enemies of the United States

Business schools are reportedly teaching students to use generative artificial intelligence as a tool like a calculator.

Opinion: OpenAI Can Clone Voices. That Doesn’t Mean It Should.- The potential for misuse is greater than the benefits.

Chaotic Departure of Stability AI Chief is Raising Doubts over the Start Up’s Future.

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Trending New Open Source Projects

  • Elon Musks Grok-1 – open release is xAI’s publicly available large language model. 314 billion parameters. xAI released the base model weights and network architecture of Grok-1 under the Apache 2.0 license.
  • SWE-agent: Agent Computer Interfaces Enable Software Engineering Language Models. SWE-agent turns LMs (e.g. GPT-4) into software engineering agents that can fix bugs and issues in real GitHub repositories.
  • DBRX – a large language model trained by Databricks. Its MoE (Mixture of Experts) architecture utilizes multiple smaller models (“experts”) with different strengths, and a gating network selects the most suitable expert for a specific task. ODSC Note: MOE is a trending technique btw
  • One-step image-to-image with Stable Diffusion turbo –  sketch2image, day2night, and more using a general method for adapting a single-step diffusion model to new tasks and domains through adversarial learning.
  • Transformer Debugger (TDB) – a tool developed by OpenAI’s Superalignment team with the goal of supporting investigations into specific behaviors of small language models
  • llm-answer-engine – a all the code and instructions you need to build a sophisticated answer engine that leverages the capabilities of Groq, Mistral AI’s Mixtral, Langchain.JS, Brave Search, Serper API, and OpenAI. Designed to efficiently return sources, answers, images, videos, and follow-up questions based on user queries
  •  GritQL – a declarative query language for searching and modifying source code.

New Trending Research From Around The Globe

  • MineLand: Simulating Large-Scale Multi-Agent Interactions with Limited Multimodal Senses and Physical Needs – Paper
  • Can Large Language Models Reason and Plan? – Paper
  • Approximate Optimal Controller Synthesis for Cart-Poles and Quadrotors via Sums-of-Squares – Paper
  • Anthropic researchers released a technique called “many-shot jailbreaking” that can bypass a large language model’s safety measures using very large context windows filled with hundreds of fake dialogues between a human and an AI assistant – Paper
  • Stable Audio 2.0 introduces a latent diffusion model for generating high-quality, structured audio tracks using audio-to-audio transformation. table Audio 2.0 is available to use for free on the Stable Audio website – Website
  • The Unreasonable Ineffectiveness of the Deeper Layers: MIT and Meta AI researchers demonstrated that large language models (LLMs) could have up to 40%-50% of their layers pruned with minimal impact on accuracy. – Paper
  • Microsoft Introduces AutoDev: A Fully Automated Artificial Intelligence-Driven Software Development Framework – Paper
  • “Reverse Training to Nurse the Reversal Curse” This paper by Meta’s FAIR research team proposes an alternative training scheme, called reverse training, whereby all words are used twice, doubling the amount of available tokens. – Paper
  • TacticAI: Liverpool FC made a historic comeback in the 2019 UEFA Champions League semi-finals. TacticAI: is an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can provide experts with tactical insights, particularly on corner kicks, through predictive and generative AI – Paper

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Start-Up Funding News

Israel-based Hailo, developer of AI accelerators and vision processors specifically designed to enable advanced ML tasks on edge devices, raised over $340M in Series C.

California-based SiMa.ai, a developer of machine learning technology to deliver a software-centric platform, raised $330M in Series C.

California-based Lumana, a modern, AI-powered video surveillance and safety technology that provides unparalleled visibility in any area, raised $24M in Seed.

Washington-based TerraClear, an agricultural technology company focused on improving farmers’ productivity through end to end automation, raised over $53M in Series A.

Israel-based  Nucleai, a spatial biology company that has developed an AI-powered platform to enhance drug development and improve patient outcomes, raised over $60M in Series Funding.

California-based Nobel AI, an AI software company that accelerates development of Materials & Chemicals products, raised over $40M in Series A.

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