ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of December 15th ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of December 15th
Artificial intelligence has been moving at the speed of light with all of the news that has come out. So let’s... ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of December 15th

Artificial intelligence has been moving at the speed of light with all of the news that has come out. So let’s do a recap of what we covered here at ODSC and other stories that we may have missed so you can stay in the know of all things AI.

ODSC Recap:

UC Berkeley Unveils an Open LLM Starling-7B Trained Using Reinforcement Learning from AI Feedback

In a new report, UC Berkeley researchers have introduced Starling-7B, a revolutionary large language model crafted using Reinforcement Learning from AI Feedback or RLAIF. Researchers hope that this model will help to redefine the landscape of natural language processing, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and methodologies.

Essential AI Raises $56.5 Million in Series A Funding

Startup Essential AI has raised $56.5 million Series A in order to build the Enterprise Brain. Founded by two Google veterans, Ashish Vaswani, and Niki Parmar, the startup is working on a full stack of AI products that is promising to build bridges between humans and machines.

AI Sports Illustrated Article Scandal Rocks Arena Group With CEO Fired

Arena Group, best known as the publisher of Sports Illustrated, has fired its CEO after an AI article scandal rocked the company. This comes weeks after it was revealed that Sports Illustrated had published articles using AI.

EU Moves Forward With New Rules for AI

New EU-wide legislation governing AI hopes to place safeguards for its use within the regional bloc, while also protecting European businesses’ interests and sectors that could benefit from the rapidly scaling technology.

AI News/Git Hub Repos From Around The Globe

Seamless Intro

Seamless AI brings languages closer. Its massive multilingual model, SeamlessM4T, understands 100+ languages and powers SeamlessExpressive for preserving voice nuances and SeamlessStreaming for simultaneous translation and speech recognition. All combined in Seamless, for natural and instant language crossing.

Google’s Bard chatbot is getting way better thanks to Gemini:

Google Bard is getting is getting a shot in the arm as it will now be powered by the new Gemini model which according to the company matches and even exceeds OpenAI’s own models. Of the three known Gemini models, Gemini Pro will be the model used to power Bard.

AI and Jobs:

New research sheds light on the complex relationship between AI and jobs. While AI excels at analyzing vast data to learn and mimic human tasks, the study identifies a crucial turning point: an “inflection point” where AI’s performance surpasses the benefits it brings to human workers

Mark Rober takes Bard with Gemini Pro for a test flight

Tesla’s new robot: Optimus Gen 2

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