ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of December 22nd ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of December 22nd
Artificial intelligence has been moving at the speed of light with all of the news that has come out. So let’s... ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of December 22nd

Artificial intelligence has been moving at the speed of light with all of the news that has come out. So let’s recap what we covered here at ODSC and other stories that we may have missed so you can stay in the know of all things AI.

ODSC Recap:

Google AI Introduces PixelLLM

In a new paper, researchers from Google Research and UC San Diego have introduced PixelLLM, a sophisticated vision-language model that pioneers fine-grained localization, dense object captioning, and vision-language alignment enabling localization tasks.

UK Court: AI Can’t be Named as Inventor for Patents

A top court in the UK has said that AI cannot be named as an inventor of patents in a new case. This puts the country in line with what other courts have said in the EU and the United States.

AI News/Git Hub Repos/Research From Around The Globe

Artificial intelligence now capable of creating new AI without human intervention, scientists say

Artificial intelligence models can now create smaller AI systems without the help of a human, according to research published Friday by a group of scientists who see this as a step where AI  models can create other AI models.

Using artificial intelligence to talk to the dead

AI is helping those who lost loved ones by capturing their voices via AI.

Purple Llama

Meta drew inspiration from the cybersecurity concept of “purple teaming,” Purple Llama embraces both offensive (red team) and defensive (blue team) strategies. their goal is to empower developers to deploy generative AI models responsibly.

General Object Foundation Model for Images and Videos at Scale

GLEE is an object-level foundation model for locating and identifying objects in images and videos. GLEE accomplishes the detection, segmentation, tracking, grounding, and identification of arbitrary objects in the open-world scenario for various object perception tasks through a unified framework.

Sam Altman on OpenAI, Future Risks and Rewards, and Artificial General Intelligence

AI Expert Stuart Russell Breaks Down Artificial Intelligence in Films & TV | Break It Down

Artificial intelligence is newest weapon in the the war on counterfeit products

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