ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of December 8th ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of December 8th
Artificial intelligence has been moving at the speed of light with all of the news that has come out. So let’s... ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of December 8th

Artificial intelligence has been moving at the speed of light with all of the news that has come out. So let’s do a recap of what we covered here at ODSC and other stories that we may have missed so you can stay in the know of all things AI.

ODSC Recap:

Google Unveils AI Model Gemini

This week, Google introduced its answer to OpenAI’s GPT model with Gemini. Coming in three configurations, Ultra, Pro, and Nano, it’s a natively multimodal design that is a departure from the conventional approach of stitching together separate components. How this will shake the AI world, is anyone’s guess, but it’s clear that Google hopes to challenge OpenAI’s dominant position in the world of LLMs.

NVIDIA’s H200.

Late last month, NVIDIA brought to the world its latest GPU, H200 Tensor Core GPU. NVIDIA hopes to set a new benchmark as the world’s most powerful GPU designed to supercharge artificial intelligence and high-performance computing or HPC workloads.

Former Google CEO Warns Guardrails Aren’t Enough

While speaking at Axios’s AI+ Summit, Eric Schmidt warned that current AI guardrails aren’t enough to prevent harm. The former Google chief went on to compare the development of artificial intelligence to the introduction of nuclear weapons during the Second World War.

Google DeepMind Hopes to Supercharge Materials Research

In a new research paper, Google’s DeepMind has discovered hundreds of thousands of new hypothetical material designs. Their hope with this breakthrough is to help improve the production of materials such as computer chips, batteries, and solar panels.

AI News From Around The Globe

AI-Generated Jimmy Stewart Narrates Bedtime Story for Calm App

An AI-generated voice of Stewart, who starred in films including “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Vertigo” and “Rear Window,” was recreated for the Calm app story using AI voice-cloning technology. The project has the consent of Stewart’s family and his estate.

McDonald’s To Use AI to Keep Your Fries Fresh!

The fast food giant says it will be using the power of generative AI in its operations, starting next year. The goal is to provide “thousands” of stores with hardware and software upgrades to get them started. Along with updates to other systems including ordering kiosks and the company’s mobile app, McDonald’s will be able to use generative AI on massive amounts of data to optimize operations.

MIT Spinoff Wants To Build “New Type of AI”.

Liquid AI has built a new type of AI model called liquid neural network that is much smaller than traditional AI models and requires less power to compute. They consist of “neurons” governed by equations that predict each individual neuron’s behavior over time, like most other modern model architectures.

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