ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of February 9th ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of February 9th
Open Data Science Blog Recap Representatives of the EU member states met and voted in favor of a new proposal in... ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of February 9th

Open Data Science Blog Recap

Representatives of the EU member states met and voted in favor of a new proposal in Brussels related to AI. (Source)

Venture capitalists from Kleiner Perkins spoke about how AI has become a central issue in funding pitches (Source)

Google DeepMind has released a paper on a new method of training neural networks to learn new tasks with limited data. . (Source)

Apple published a new paper on a model called Acoustic Model Fusion, which aims to drastically reduce the error rates of speech recognition systems. (Source)

AI News Highlights

Sam Altman says ChatGPT should be ‘much less lazy now

AI chatbots tend to choose violence and nuclear strikes in wargames

Machine learning meets modern medicine in Northwest Arkansas

NASA scientists use AI to achieve revolutionary feat with traditional farming

Whoop Brings AI-Driven Virtual Coaching Into Wearables Category

Sega’s AI Computer Embraces The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

The Social Interoperability of Artificial Intelligence

AMD bets on AI-powered PCs as artificial intelligence race with Nvidia, Intel heats up

Mystery Company Linked to Biden Robocall Identified

Kadarius Toney Blames Artificial Intelligence for Outburst on Instagram

New pilot program could revolutionize how the US government stops drug smugglers

Trending AI Open Source Projects

  • Maybe – The OS for your personal finances
  • InstantID – Zero-shot Identity-Preserving Generation in Seconds
  • search_with_lepton – Building a quick conversation-based search demo with Lepton AI.
  • Repository Analysis – High-speed Large Language Model Serving on PCs with Consumer-grade GPUs
  • GPT-SoVITS – A Powerful Few-shot Voice Conversion and Text-to-Speech WebUI.
  • Surya – A multilingual document OCR toolkit.

Research From Around The Globe

  • Artificial intelligence in the risk prediction models of cardiovascular disease and development of an independent validation screening tool – Paper
  • Technical Report: Large Language Models can Strategically Deceive their Users when Put Under Pressure – Paper
  • FlagEmbedding – Paper
  • SymbolicAI: A framework for logic-based approaches combining generative models and solvers – Paper
  • Time-LLM: Time Series Forecasting by Reprogramming Large Language Models – Paper
  • The Power of Noise: Redefining Retrieval for RAG Systems – Paper
  • CroissantLLM: A Truly Bilingual French-English Language Model – Paper
  • BlackMamba: Mixture of Experts for State-Space Models – Paper
  • Rephrasing the Web: A Recipe for Compute and Data-Efficient Language Modeling – Paper
  • Eagle 7B: A 7.52B Parameter AI Model  – HuggingFace

Start-Up Funding News

San Francisco-based Ambience Healthcare,  the leading AI operating system for healthcare organizations, raised north of  $100M in a Series B round.

Delaware-based Colossyan, which specializes in AI video for workplace learning, empowering users to generate videos from text through AI technology, raised north of $28M in series A.

New York-based Ezra AI, a provider in early cancer detection by combining advanced medical imaging technology and AI technology, raised north of $43M in series B.

Minnesota-based Traive,  a lending and credit risk assessment platform powered by LLMs and GANs to revolutionize credit, in agriculture and more, raised north of $67M.

Seattle-based Formlogic, an autonomous manufacturing company that uses machine learning and physics simulation to precision parts, raised north of $20M in Debt Financing

Wisconsin-based Synthetaic, a company that grows large and high-quality datasets sufficient for machine learning, raised north of $32M in series B.

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ASEAN endorses regional guide on artificial intelligence governance and ethics

The Implications of Artificial Intelligence for the IP Community

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