ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of January 19th ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of January 19th
Artificial intelligence has been moving at the speed of light with all of the news that has come out. So let’s... ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of January 19th

Artificial intelligence has been moving at the speed of light with all of the news that has come out. So let’s recap what we covered here at ODSC and other stories that we may have missed so you can stay in the know of all things AI.

Open Data Science Blog Recap:

In a new paper, MIT’s CSAIL researchers have introduced an innovative AI method that leverages automated interpretability agents (AIAs) built from pre-trained language models.

Apple is looking to reorganize its AI team by having its San Diego-located employees merge with their Texas counterparts in Austin.

Thanks to autonomous AI, the eye screening rates for youth with diabetes have improved, helping to close the gap in care.

All eyes were on robots powered by AI at this year’s CES 2024 as they were taking on the roles of chefs and baristas with spectators watching AI-powered robots  mimicking human movement with great precision

AI News Highlights

  • Generative artificial intelligence will lead to job cuts this year, CEOs say
  • Microsoft offers a $20 consumer AI subscription to boost business.
  • More CEOs fear their companies won’t survive 10 years as AI and climate challenges grow, survey says.
  • Opinion | It’s Time for the Government to Regulate AI. Here’s How.
  • 2024 Is Already the Year of the AI-Driven Enterprise Reorganization
  • Samsung announces new Galaxy S24 lineup with AI-powered photo editing and search features.
  • Charles Wright Named CEO of Mechanized AI, a Leading Artificial Intelligence Platform.
  • OpenAI team to focus on democratic processes for artificial intelligence software.
  • AI to hit 40% of jobs and worsen inequality, IMF says

Trending AI Open Source Projects

Fairy – Fairy, is a minimalist yet robust adaptation of image-editing diffusion models, enhancing them for video editing applications.

LM Drive – Researchers have developed “LMDrive,” a novel autonomous driving framework that combines multi-modal sensor data with natural language instructions, enhancing vehicle-human interaction and navigation in complex scenarios. A first-of-its-kind approach to integrate LLMs for autonomous driving.

TinyGPT-V, developed by researchers from Anhui Polytechnic University, Nanyang Technological University, and Lehigh University. represents a significant advancement in Multimodal Large Language Models (MLLMs). This AI model claims a combination of high performance and reduced computational demands. Built upon Microsoft’s Phi-2.

OpenVoice is a voice clone project built by researchers at MIT and MyShell. Focused on voice processing and voice recognition from short audio clips its has applications in areas such as automated speech recognition, voice-enabled user interfaces, and other voice-driven technologies.

Research From Around The Globe

  • AI Paper from UCSD and Google AI Proposes Chain-of-Table Framework: Enhancing the Reasoning Capability of LLMs by Leveraging the Tabular Structure.
  • Researchers from the IT University of Copenhagen, Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence, and AWS AI Labs have introduced an innovative solution: the self-talk methodology.
  • A new paper touches on the promise of machine learning in creating individualized treatments.
  • Researchers from the University of St.Gallen, Deutsche Bundesbank, and  International Computer Science Institute have introduced a method to generate high-fidelity mixed-type tabular data without centralized access to the original datasets, FedTabDiff, ensuring privacy and compliance with regulations.
  • A group of researchers from the Institute of Cyberspace Security, Zhejiang University of Technology, have introduced the SGGRL model, an innovative multi-modal molecular representation learning framework.
  • Researchers from UC Berkeley and NYU AI Research are exploring the gap between the visual Embedding space of clip and vision-only self-supervised learning
  • MIT and Google researchers published Health-Alpaca, one of the first in multimodal models fine-tuned LLM for health predictions and showcasing achieving significant improvements and outperforming other larger models in several health application tasks
  • Researchers from various top institutions have released TrustLLM, a new comprehensive study, that explores the trustworthiness of Large Language Models (LLMs) across eight aspects including safety, fairness, privacy, and ethics. It also established a benchmark for LLMs across six of these aspects.

Start-Up Funding News

Santa Barbara-based Briq, a financial automation platform, raised north of  $54M in a Series B round.

Tokyo-based Sakana AI, the creator of a new kind of foundation model based on nature-inspired intelligence, raised $30M in a seed round to build smaller AI models.

South Korea-based Upstage AI, a startup that helps companies focus on their core businesses with AI, raised north of $53M in series B.

Norway-based 1x, an AI and robotics company that designs and develops humanoid robots to address global labor needs., raised €91M in series B.

London-based Sky Engine AI, a Synthetic Data Cloud for Deep Learning in Vision AI raised north of $9M in series A

China-based Babel provider of full-process AI services for software development, operation, and maintenance, raised north of $5M in seed round.

Tel Aviv-based Ask AI, a customer support assistant for enterprises, raised $11M.

Top AI Videos:

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