ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of June 21st ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of June 21st
Every week, the ODSC team researches the latest advancements in AI. We review a selection of the most impactful research, trending... ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of June 21st

Every week, the ODSC team researches the latest advancements in AI. We review a selection of the most impactful research, trending open-source projects, and significant startup investments. We carefully curate and share a selection of the most impactful developments, bringing you the insights that matter most to the AI and data science community. Subscribe to get this as a newsletter sent to your inbox every Friday!

Open Data Science Blog Recap

  • IMF Raises Alarm Over AI-Induced Labor Disruptions and Rising Inequality (Source)
  • Former OpenAI Co-founder Announces New Company Focused on safe development of “superintelligence” (Source)
  • Anthropic Unveils Claude 3.5 Sonnet (Source)
  • McDonalds Pulls the Plug on AI-Powered Ordering, For Now  (Source)
  • You.com Secures $50 Million to Expand AI Assistant Offerings (Source)
  • Adobe Unveils New AI Features Amid Stock Dip (Source)
  • Actor Ashton Kutcher Faces Backlash Over AI Comments (Source)

AI News Highlights

John Snow Labs Named 2024 Databricks Growth Data Partner of the Year

AI lab at Christian university aims to bring morality and ethics to artificial intelligence

India’s AI Aspirations Draw Multibillion Big Tech Investments

New renaissance: Meta and Amazon bosses make the case for AI optimism

Amazon-Powered AI Cameras Used to Detect Emotions of Unwitting UK Train Passengers

IMF – Fiscal Policy Can Help Broaden the Gains of AI to Humanity

Dubai becomes the world metropolis for artificial intelligence

Global audiences suspicious of AI-powered newsrooms, report finds

Apple’s AI Rollout Will Likely Stretch Into Next Year

AI “might take over” one day if it isn’t developed responsibly, Geoffrey Hinton warns

Google DeepMind Shifts From Research Lab to AI Product Factory

NATO targets AI, robots and space tech in $1.1 billion fund

AI could help spread false and misleading information on Holocaust, UNESCO report warns

AI comes to Ireland’s remote Islands through Microsoft’s ‘Skill Up’ program

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New Trending Open Source Projects

LibreChat -Enhanced ChatGPT Clone: Features OpenAI, Assistants API, Azure, Groq, GPT-4 Vision, Mistral, Bing, Anthropic, OpenRouter, Vertex AI, Gemini, AI model switching, message search, langchain, DALL-E-3, ChatGPT Plugins,

Open-Sora – Democratizing Efficient Video Production for All

supersonic -next-generation BI platform that integrates Chat BI (powered by LLM) and Headless BI (powered by semantic layer) paradigms.

EasyEdit -An Easy-to-use Knowledge Editing Framework for LLMs.

react-chatbotify – A modern React library for creating a flexible and extensible chatbot.

fuyuko – An open source Master Data Management / Product Information Management application.

New Trending Research From Around The Globe

garak: A Framework for Security Probing Large Language Models – Paper
Quest: Query-Aware Sparsity for Efficient Long-Context LLM Inference – Paper
PyramidMamba: Rethinking Pyramid Feature Fusion with Selective Space State Model for Semantic Segmentation of Remote Sensing Imagery – Paper
Optimizing Instructions and Demonstrations for Multi-Stage Language Model Programs – Paper
WebCanvas: Benchmarking Web Agents in Online Environments – Paper
TSI-Bench: Benchmarking Time Series Imputation – Paper
Interpretable Preferences via Multi-Objective Reward Modeling and Mixture-of-Experts – Paper
TroL: Traversal of Layers for Large Language and Vision Models – Paper
Open-Source Web Service with Morphological Dictionary-Supplemented Deep Learning for Morphosyntactic Analysis of Czech – Paper
MINT-1T: Scaling Open-Source Multimodal Data by 10x: A Multimodal Dataset with One Trillion Tokens – Paper 

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Start-Up Funding News

Toronto-based Tenstorrent, a computing company that develops processors designed to help in faster training and adaptability to future algorithms, raised over $630M in Series Funding

Toronto-based Waabi, an artificial intelligence company that develops autonomous driving technology for the transportation sector, raised over $280M in Series B

Tokyo-based Sakana AI, a creator of a new kind of foundation model based on nature-inspired intelligence, raised over ¥20B in Series Funding

California-based Genspark AI, an artificial intelligence search company raised $60M in Seed Funding

California-based Iambic Therapeutics, a disruptor of the therapeutics landscape with its unique AI-driven drug-discovery platform, raised $50M in Series B

California-based You.com, an AI chatbot and search engine, raised $50M in Series B

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