ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of June 28th ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of June 28th
Every week, the ODSC team researches the latest advancements in AI. We review a selection of the most impactful research, trending... ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of June 28th

Every week, the ODSC team researches the latest advancements in AI. We review a selection of the most impactful research, trending open-source projects, and significant startup investments. We carefully curate and share a selection of the most impactful developments, bringing you the insights that matter most to the AI and data science community. Subscribe to get this as a newsletter sent to your inbox every Friday!

Open Data Science Blog Recap

  • Scarlett Johansson and Others Call out Lack of AI Safeguards (Source)
  • Israel to Launch new Supercomputer to Bolster AI (Source)
  • Central Banks Urged to Leverage AI for Better Inflation Predictions, Says BIS (Source)
  • Suno and Udio Sued by Major Labels Over Copyright (Source)
  • OpenAI CTO Admits Creative Jobs Can Be Harmed By AI (Source)
  • SoftBank CEO Predicts Artificial Superintelligence Within a Decade (Source)
  • Universal Music Partners with AI Startup (Source)

AI News Highlights

Toys R Us Creates New TV Ad Using OpenAI’s SORA Model

Apple Spurned Idea of iPhone AI Partnership With Meta Months Ago

Book authors get a startup to help them deal with AI companies

Stability AI lands a lifeline from Sean Parker, Greycroft

Ex-Meta experts at AI-biotech startup offer tool to create new molecules

AI Chip Startup Etched Raises $120 Million to Expand Supply

Harvard dropouts raise $120 million to take on Nvidia’s AI chips

Why Bill Gates Is Bullish on Artificial Intelligence and Nuclear Energy

Norm Ai Raises $27 Million for AI-Powered Regulatory Compliance Platform

An AI data center boom is coming, Jefferies says, naming top stocks to buy right now

Her guacamole recipe tops Google. She fears AI will change that.

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New Trending Open Source Projects

gsoc-web-projects – List of web based GSoC Open Source organizations & projects

Drifty – an Open-Source Interactive File Downloader System built with Java

Mitawi – an open-source weather forecast application developed with .NET MAUI. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface,

setup_hack_env – a versatile collection of scripts designed for OSINT, ethical hacking, and web application security testing.

DisCruft-Bot – an open-source DJS bot, made by the DashCruft Nation contributors with love <3

jet – a Fast C and Python like Programming Language that puts the Developer first. WIP

New Trending Research From Around The Globe

GPTs are GPTs: An Early Look at the Labor Market Impact Potential of Large Language Models – Paper
A non-invasive artificial intelligence model for identifying axillary pathological complete response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer: a secondary analysis to multicenter clinical trial- Paper
Vaporetto: Efficient Japanese Tokenization Based on Improved Pointwise Linear Classification – Paper
From Perfect to Noisy World Simulation: Customizable Embodied Multi-modal Perturbations for SLAM Robustness Benchmarking – Paper
LangSuitE: Planning, Controlling and Interacting with Large Language Models in Embodied Text Environments – Paper
Segment Any Text: A Universal Approach for Robust, Efficient and Adaptable Sentence Segmentation – Paper
LLaMA-MoE: Building Mixture-of-Experts from LLaMA with Continual Pre-training – Paper
OlympicArena Medal Ranks: Who Is the Most Intelligent AI So Far? – Paper
Long Context Transfer from Language to Vision – Paper
video-SALMONN: Speech-Enhanced Audio-Visual Large Language Models – Paper 

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Start-Up Funding News

San Francisco-based Bright Machines, bringer of flexible factory robots with intelligent software, production data, and machine learning, raised $106M in Series C

China-based METiS Pharmaceuticals, the world’s first AI-driven drug formulation company, raised $100M in Series C

China-based Galaxy Bot, a robotics company that provides intelligent universal service robotic products, raised CN¥700M in Seed

London-based Stability AI, an artificial intelligence-driven visual art startup that designs and implements open AI tools, raised $80M in Series Funding

San Francisco-based Klarity, user artificial intelligence to automate billing & revrec contract review for saas and software companies, raised $70M in Series B

Austria-based Prewave, an AI risk and sustainability monitoring platform for purchasing, supply chain, and sustainability managers, raised €63M in Series B

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Top AI Video

AI Chip Startup Etched Aims to Take On Nvidia

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