ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of March 29th ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of March 29th
Open Data Science Blog Recap BrainBox AI has introduced ARIA, a generative AI-powered virtual Building Assistant that they hope will help... ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of March 29th

Open Data Science Blog Recap

BrainBox AI has introduced ARIA, a generative AI-powered virtual Building Assistant that they hope will help secure a greener future (Source)

The United Nations General Assembly unanimously approved the first-ever resolution on AI. (Source)

Amazon announced the completion of a $4 billion investment in Anthropic, marking an important moment in the evolution of AI. (Source)

OpenAI is setting the stage for an entry into the movie business, with the help of SORA (Source)

Thunder, a new compiler designed to turbocharge the training process for deep learning models within the PyTorch ecosystem aims to enhance AI development. (Source)

AI News Highlights

Bloomberg asks US court to toss copyright lawsuit over AI training

Cal Fire using artificial intelligence to fight wildfires

The artificial intelligence experts who believe the AI boom could fizzle or even be a new dotcom crash: ‘We are starting to see signs it might be a dud’

Nvidia’s AI chip dominance is being targeted by Google, Intel, and Arm

Revealed: a California city is training AI to spot homeless encampments

How NVIDIA Puts Artificial Intelligence in Your Car

Mitre Opens Lab to Test US Government’s Artificial Intelligence

Venture-backed firm to use artificial intelligence to design proteins

Survey reveals almost half of all managers aim to replace workers with AI, could use it to lower wages

AI uncovers significant differences between male and female brains, study reveals

Meet Quivr: An Open Source RAG Framework with 38k+ Github Stars

Artificial intelligence and the emergence of “generative synesthesia”

Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing the Car Business

Scientists turn to AI to make beer taste even better

The Gaming Industry’s Edge in the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Utah Passes Legislation Regulating Use of Artificial Intelligence

The U.S. Military’s Investments Into Artificial Intelligence Are Skyrocketing

Scientists harness power of artificial intelligence to battle wildfires

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Trending New Open Source Projects

  • garnet – Garnet is a new remote cache-store from Microsoft Research.
  • open-interpreter – allows LLMs run code (Python, Javascript, Shell, and more) locally.
  • retina – Retina is a cloud-agnostic, open-source Kubernetes network observability platform that provides a centralized hub for monitoring application health, network health, and security.
  • OpenDevin – an open-source project aiming to replicate Devin, an autonomous AI software engineer who is capable of executing complex engineering tasks and collaborating actively with users on software development projects.
  • jnv – designed for navigating JSON, offering an interactive JSON viewer and jq filter editor.
  • Solana Sniper Bot(Poc) – This code is written as proof of concept to demonstrate how we can buy new tokens immediately after the liquidity pool is open for trading
  • hyperswitch– The single API to access payment ecosystems across 130+ countries.
  • Stirling-PDF – A locally hosted web based PDF manipulation tool using docker that allows you to perform various operations on PDF files, such as splitting merging, converting, reorganizing, adding images, rotating, compressing, and more.

New Trending Research From Around The Globe

  • Explorative Inbetweening of Time and Space- Paper
  • A Multimodal Approach to Device-Directed Speech Detection with Large Language Models – Paper
  • ChainLM: Empowering Large Language Models with Improved Chain-of-Thought Prompting – Paper
  • Evaluating Frontier Models for Dangerous Capabilities- Paper
  • Fewer is More: Boosting LLM Reasoning with Reinforced Context Pruning – Paper
  • DenseFormer: Enhancing Information Flow in Transformers via Depth Weighted Averaging – Paper
  • AllHands: Ask Me Anything on Large-scale Verbatim Feedback via Large Language Models – Paper
  • CAT: Continual Adapter Tuning for aspect sentiment classification – Paper
  • Are Compressed Language Models Less Subgroup Robust? – Paper
  • AIOS: LLM Agent Operating System – Paper
  • Mastering Memory Tasks with World Models – Paper

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Start-Up Funding News

California-based Celestial AI, developer an optical interconnect technology platform for data center and AI computing solutions, raised over $330M in Series C.

New York-based FundGuard, an artificial intelligence-powered and cloud native investment accounting operating system, raised over $150M in Series C.

California-based Foundry, a public cloud supported by an orchestration platform designed to simplify the utilization of AI computing resources, raised $80M in Series A.

New York-based Hume AI, an AI toolkit to measure, understand, and improve how technology affects human emotion, raised over $67M in Series B.

Belgium-based Robovision, an adaptive engine for image-to-action AI solutions, raised over $59M in Series Funding.

California-based Profluent Bio, pushing to decode the language of life with AI, raised $44M in Private Funding.

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Top AI Videos

A.I. Revolution | Full Documentary | NOVA | PBS

Big Tech Launches A War To Dominate Artificial Intelligence Space | Vantage with Palki Sharma

Concerns over artificial intelligence misuse grow as technology advances

UN grapples with itself over artificial intelligence and equality • FRANCE 24 English

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