ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of May 10th ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of May 10th
Every week, the ODSC team researches the latest advancements in AI. We review a selection of the most impactful research, trending... ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of May 10th

Every week, the ODSC team researches the latest advancements in AI. We review a selection of the most impactful research, trending open-source projects, and significant startup investments. We carefully curate and share a selection of the most impactful developments, bringing you the insights that matter most to the AI and data science community.

Open Data Science Blog Recap

  • Report States OpenAI Will Release Search Engine to Compete Against Google (Source)
  • HHS Outlines New Framework for Responsible AI Use in Public Benefits Administration (Source)
  • OpenAI Looks to Balance Risks and Model Capabilities (Source)
  • Self Driving Startup Wayve Gets $1B Investment (Source)
  • TikTok Implements new AI Content Labeling System  (Source)
  • Apple is Developing AI Chips in Data Centers According to Report (Source)
  • New AI Image Detector Tool Being Developed by OpenAI (Source)

AI News Highlights

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New Trending Open Source Projects

  • Scrapegraph-ai– Python Scraper Based on AI
  • Close-Circuit Telegram Vision – location tracking with its open-source design and Telegram API integration.
  • Skyvern AI – Automate browser-based workflows with LLMs and Computer Vision
  • LeRobot – State-of-the-art Machine Learning for Real-World Robotics in Pytorch
  • Rustdesk – An open-source remote desktop, and alternative to TeamViewer.
  • Efficient Kan – An efficient pure-PyTorch implementation of Kolmogorov-Arnold Network (KAN).
  • Kan GPT -The PyTorch implementation of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) using Kolmogorov-Arnold Networks (KANs) for language modeling

New Trending Research From Around The Globe

  • Self-Play Preference Optimization for Language Model Alignment – Paper
  • Stylus: Automatic Adapter Selection for Diffusion Models – Paper
  • DeepSeek-V2: A Strong, Economical, and Efficient Mixture-of-Experts Language Model – Paper
  • Is Flash Attention Stable? – Paper
  • Why is SAM Robust to Label Noise? – Paper
  • MaRDIFlow: A CSE workflow framework for abstracting meta-data from FAIR computational experiments – Paper
  • ZleepAnlystNet: a novel deep learning model for automatic sleep stage scoring based on single-channel raw EEG data using separating training – Paper
  • OpenESS: Event-based Semantic Scene Understanding with Open Vocabularies – Paper
  • DataSP: A Differential All-to-All Shortest Path Algorithm for Learning Costs and Predicting Paths with Context –Paper
  • BenthicNet: A global compilation of seafloor images for deep learning applications – Paper
  • Health Index Estimation Through Integration of General Knowledge with Unsupervised Learning – Paper
  • Pedestrian Attribute Recognition as Label-balanced Multi-label Learning – Paper
  • Learning to Compose: Improving Object-Centric Learning by Injecting Compositionality – Paper
  • Multi-Modal Data-Efficient 3D Scene Understanding for Autonomous Driving – Paper
  • Federated Adaptation for Foundation Model-based Recommendations – Paper

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Start-Up Funding News

  • Singapore-based Atlan, an active metadata platform crafted for data teams that integrates metadata from diverse sources, raised over $200M in Series C.
  • Paris-based Holistic AI, AI provider artificial intelligence models within the technology sector and helps in data analysis, raised over $80M in Series Funding.
  • San Francisco-based Rad AI, a developer of software that uses AI to automate radiology report writing, aiming to enhance accuracy and reduce radiologist burnout, raised over $83M in Series B.
  • California-based Datology AI, an AI-data curation startup that develops deep learning tools for automatic selection in data training., raised over $57M in Series A.
  • New Jersey-based RunPod, a cloud platform designed for GPUs, enabling developers to deploy customized full-stack AI applications, raised over $20M in Seed Funding.

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