Cambridge, MA & Houston, Texas: ODSC and WorldData.AI signed a partnership agreement that will combine forces and empower members of ODSC data science community with the billions of curated External Data, News Sentiment, and Geo Intelligence from WorldData.AI for AI initiatives.

ODSC, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based firm, is the industry leader in hosting one of the most significant data science training and networking events globally, focused on impactful tools and leading industry practices. ODSC speakers include influential leaders in Data Science.

WorldData.AI is the world’s largest sources of curated external data integrating all leading sources and data from web in one place. WorldData.AI datasets include News Sentiments and entity analysis from all news published globally, billions of time series data that include 200 years of historical weather data, detailed financial market data, global macroeconomic data, one of the most comprehensive trade data, employment, and demographics data. Datasets also include comprehensive Geo Intelligence coverage globally.

Under the partnership agreement, ODSC community members and attendees of conferences will now have access to the WorldData.AI Partners Plan at no cost, including access to some of the premium datasets that are only available to enterprise members. Access to such a large external data will now empower them to connect internal data with over 3.5 billion World Data from WorldData.AI for predictive intelligence.

“These types of collaborations significantly accelerate the adoption of AI. ODSC is the industry leader in organizing data science trainings and networking events. We look forward to working together with ODSC and bring together Data Science training, networking and access to external data all in one place, and provide an enriching experience to members of ODSC,” said Rajdeep Golecha, CEO of WorldData.AI.

“Enterprise Data Science is becoming exponentially more sophisticated. Leading enterprises are now looking to connect their internal data with 1000s of external factors on a real time and build a predictive and prescriptive intelligence. However, one of the greatest challenges Enterprises and Data Scientists faced was the lack of a comprehensive source for External Data. WorldData.AI is a revolutionary AI based platform that has solved this. WorldData.AI streams all major sources of external data and provides billions of curated datasets in one place – News Sentiments, Trends, Geo Intelligence. We are delighted to now offer WorldData.AI to our members at no cost through this partnership,” said Rafael Oliveira, COO at ODSC.

About Open Data Science Conference (ODSC)

Open Data Science Conference, or ODSC, is an annual event held in Cambridge, San Francisco, Brazil, London, and India. The purpose of ODSC events is to discuss data science and machine learning topics, as well as provide training sessions. ODSC aspires bring together the global data science community to encourage the exchange of innovative ideas and the growth of open-source software. ODSC deliver real value for data science professionals through practical expertise and thought leadership.

About WorldData.AI

WorldData.AI is a preeminent AI platform that empowers enterprises to leverage external data and build predictive intelligence. WorldData.AI offers over 3.3 billion trends and News Sentiments. WorldData.AI Machine Learning Lab enables data scientists to integrate outside data with WorldData.AI and build applications to solve a real-world problem. WorldData.AI founder Rajdeep Golecha is a recognized technology leader and entrepreneur.