OpenAI Looks to Balance Risks and Model Capabilities OpenAI Looks to Balance Risks and Model Capabilities
OpenAI is working to remain at the forefront of artificial intelligence, but with that desire comes a balancing act. The next... OpenAI Looks to Balance Risks and Model Capabilities

OpenAI is working to remain at the forefront of artificial intelligence, but with that desire comes a balancing act. The next iteration of ChatGPT will likely mark a significant advancement in AI capabilities as it was announced by Mira Murati, OpenAI’s Chief Technology Officer, at the recent Qualtrics X4 conference in Salt Lake City.

During the conference, Murati highlighted the rapid ascent of generative AI into public awareness and its impact on regulatory frameworks. “It’s striking how quickly generative AI has burst into the public consciousness and how that is affecting the regulatory framework,” she noted, emphasizing the ongoing scrutiny by governments, regulators, and civil society on the safe usage of AI.

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While speaking with Qualtrics’ President of AI Strategy, Gurdeep Singh Pall, Murati shed light on the enhancements from GPT-3 to GPT-4 and teased what is to come. “From GPT-3 to GPT-4, there was another emergence of capabilities in reasoning and different domains. We should expect another step change as we go into the next model and scale up more,” Murati explained.

With the promise of transforming our interaction with knowledge and creativity, the next version of ChatGPT could shake up various domains by delegating increasingly complex tasks over extended time horizons.

But like Spiderman’s Uncle Ben always said, with great power comes great responsibility. Murati underscored the dual focus on enhancing capabilities and ensuring safety. “We need to develop the capabilities of these models and make them more powerful, robust, and useful. But hand in hand with that goes also the safety of these models, and making them more aligned with human values and making sure that they are doing the things we are trying to do,” she stated.

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So it’s clear that OpenAI is keenly aware of the potential risks associated with more powerful AI systems. To mitigate these risks, the company is engaging in early deployment of systems when less powerful to assess impacts and manage risks.

This proactive approach also involves collaboration with industry, government, and broader society, not as passive observers but as active participants in understanding and shaping the technology’s capabilities and ethical boundaries.

Murati pointed out that despite efforts to minimize misuse, “it is never going to be the case we will bring the misuse or the risks down to zero“. Thus, OpenAI remains committed to doing everything possible to reduce these risks. This includes a dedicated team focusing on long-term catastrophic risks potentially emerging from models that might become too powerful to supervise.

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Looking forward, Murati envisions a future where AI is developed in partnership with various sectors, aiming to introduce the technology into public consciousness when stakes are low. This cooperative strategy is intended to ensure the technology is robust for general use.

In the end, Murati remains optimistic about the role of AI in enhancing human capabilities. “If we are making great progress towards our mission, it should hopefully be a future where we feel more enabled by this technology and our knowledge and creativity is more enhanced,” she concluded.



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