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An Attempt to Chart the History of NLP in 5 Papers: Part I
Introduction Natural language processing (NLP) exists as a sort of intermediate space between computer science and linguistics, taking more from either discipline as fit for the task at hand. With this breadth in mind, NLP ends up serving as an umbrella that encompasses everything from named entity recognition to machine... Read more
How to Develop Conversational AI for Your Business
Since a few years, chatbots are here, and they will not go away any time soon. Facebook popularised the chatbot with Facebook Messenger Bots, but the first chatbot was already developed in the 1960s. MIT professor Joseph Weizenbaum developed a chatbot called ELIZA. The chatbot was developed to demonstrate the superficiality... Read more
Reel Reviews: Neural Networks for Sentiment Analysis
This is a joint article authored in collaboration between Kannan Sankaran and Win Suen. The Problem Over the past few years, there has been burgeoning interest in neural networks from data science and engineering communities. The advent of ever larger datasets, efficient commodity hardware, and powerful open source libraries have... Read more
What I Enjoyed Most at ODSC East 2018
Last week I had the opportunity to attend Open Data Science Conference in Boston.  It was awesome to see people just walking around who I had previously read about or I’m following them on twitter.  It was even nicer to meet some of these people, and I was amazed at how friendly... Read more
Feature Engineering for Time Series Analysis – ODSC East 2018
What is a time series analysis in data science? How can you construct an effective time series analysis? What does feature engineering have to do with time series analysis? These questions and more were many of the talking points from the talk by Michael Schmidt, PhD, Chief Scientist at DataRobot... Read more

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