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Building Neural Networks with Perceptron, One Year Later Part II
This is the second part in a three-part series. The first part can be read here. The new look If you have built neural networks with Perceptron before, you may be surprised to see it has a complete redesign (not available on Mac yet):   Application To get Perceptron up... Read more
Building Neural Networks with Perceptron, One Year Later — Part I
Introduction Around one year ago now, I started writing for Open Data Science after presenting Perceptron at the ODSC conference. Since then, a lot has changed. People have found fascinating uses for the software, and also help contribute to it. In this series I’ll present a fresh overview of how... Read more
Classic Regularization Techniques in Neural Networks
Neural networks are notoriously tricky to optimize. There isn’t a way to compute a global optimum for weight parameters, so we’re left fishing around in the dark for acceptable solutions while trying to ensure we don’t overfit the data. This is a quick overview of the most popular approaches to... Read more
5 Essential Neural Network Algorithms
Data scientists use many different algorithms to train neural networks, and there are many variations of each. In this article, I will outline five algorithms that will give you a rounded understanding of how neural networks operate. I will start with an overview of how a neural network works, mentioning... Read more
Using Neural Networks, C-RNN-GAN to Generate Music
C-RNN-GAN is a continuous recurrent neural network with adversarial training that contains LSTM cells, therefore it works very well with continuous time series data. For example, music files! Structure of Discriminator and Generator in C-RNN-GAN (picture from original paper) How Does C-RNN-GAN work? C-RNN_GAN is a recurrent neural network with adversarial... Read more
Generating Gender-Neutral Face Images with Semi-Adversarial Neural Networks to Enhance Privacy
I thought that it would be nice to have short and concise summaries of recent projects handy, to share them with a more general audience, including colleagues and students. So, I challenged myself to use fewer than 1000 words without getting distracted by the nitty-gritty details and technical jargon. In... Read more