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Data Scientist (Predictive Services)

Data Scientist (Predictive Services)

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posted by December 20, 2018

Job Description About Opendoor Are you intrigued by the thought of disrupting a trillion dollar industry through technology? At Opendoor, we are on a bold mission to empower everyone with the freedom to move by making buying, selling and trading-in a home stress-free and instant. In four years since... Read more
Senior Modeler / Senior Data Scientist, Alcon Modeling and Simulation

Senior Modeler / Senior Data Scientist, Alcon Modeling and Simulation

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posted by December 3, 2018

Looking for senior analyst with a proven ability to drive business results using quantitative methodology. This is an ideal opportunity for individuals with a passion for Data Science, Computer Vision, Image Analytics, or Modeling and looking to be part of a quantitative group. Candidate must have experience applying analytical... Read more
Introduction to Generalized Linear Models in R
Linear regression serves as the data scientist’s workhorse, but this statistical learning method is limited in that the focus of Ordinary Least Squares regression is on linear models of continuous variables. However, much data of interest to data scientists are not continuous and so other methods must be used to... Read more
Classification Models Predict Community-Specific Interest in News Articles With High Accuracy
A research team hailing from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Raytheon BBN Technologies used features from article content to create a predictive model for gauging a given community’s interest in news articles. For the most part, past research in this realm has attempted to forecast general popularity in lieu of niche... Read more
Sample Size and Class Balance on Model Performance
I hope this little research I did may help you with your classification problems. An LSTM model created in Keras was used to produce the results. The metric we are tracking is categorical_accuracy (equivalent to accuracy for multi-class), which is biased towards the values that have more representativeness. For example, if we are predicting fraud,... Read more
Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Preparation with ‘funModeling’
funModeling quick-start This package contains a set of functions related to exploratory data analysis, data preparation, and model performance. It is used by people coming from business, research, and teaching (professors and students). funModeling is intimately related to the Data Science Live Book -Open Source- (2017) in the sense that most of its... Read more
Demystifying Black-Box Models with SHAP Value Analysis
As an Applied Data Scientist at Civis, I implement the latest data science research to solve real-world problems. We recently worked with a global tool manufacturing company to reduce churn among their most loyal customers. A newly proposed tool, called SHAP (SHapley Additive exPlanation) values, allowed us to build a complex... Read more
Prediction in the public sector: Why the government needs predictive analytics
Data can appear lifeless and dull on the surface – especially government data – but the thought of it should actually get you excited. Data is a very interesting and powerful thing. First off, data is exactly the stuff we bother to write down – and for good reason. But... Read more
Five Best Practices in Healthcare Propensity Modeling
Editors note: This is the first post in a two-part series that discusses healthcare predictive and propensity modeling and selecting the optimal analytics partner to support your growth and engagement efforts. The second post in this series will share five critical predictive modeling questions to ask a prospective HCRM vendor. When we... Read more
Tutorial: Visualizing Machine Learning Models
One of the big issues I’ve encountered in my teaching is explaining how to evaluate the performance of machine learning models.  Simply put, it is relatively trivial to generate the various performance metrics–accuracy, precision, recall, etc–if you wanted to visualize any of these metrics, there wasn’t really an easy way... Read more