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Senior Modeler / Senior Data Scientist, Alcon Modeling and Simulation

Senior Modeler / Senior Data Scientist, Alcon Modeling and Simulation

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posted by December 3, 2018

Looking for senior analyst with a proven ability to drive business results using quantitative methodology. This is an ideal opportunity for individuals with a passion for Data Science, Computer Vision, Image Analytics, or Modeling and looking to be part of a quantitative group. Candidate must have experience applying analytical... Read more
What Getting a Job in Data Science Might Look Like
I’ve read a number of articles stating how hard it was to get into Analytics and Data Science. This hasn’t been my experience, so I wanted to share. We’ll look at interviewing, the tools I currently use, what parts of industry I wasn’t prepared for in school, and what my... Read more
Alex Detmering of Basis Technology on The Honest Guide to AI for Risk
Financial institutions, historically, have had enough to worry about. With new technology disrupting the industry at an exponential rate, and more variables coming into play constantly, what FIs need is a little something to help sort through the mass amounts of data. Enter Basis Technology – a company whose goal... Read more
Catherine Havasi, PhD, helps computers uncover the quirks of language
Dr. Catherine Havasi has no typical day. She bounces around between technology strategy, product research and development, and constantly talks to customers in an effort to know what path to go down next. As co-founder and chief strategist of Luminoso, an AI-driven company that derives business solutions and insights from... Read more
Accelerate AI: The Future of AI Gathers Here
A recent study from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) indicated that artificial intelligence (AI) could contribute upwards of $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Today’s AI prototypes, research endeavours and experiments will become tomorrow’s main-stays throughout the world. Industries ranging from healthcare to life science to financial services expect to see... Read more
This blogpost is about topic modeling using data from this blog, From this, combined with the most visited articles of the year, we will generate the most popular topics of 2017. Last year, we did something similar with popular articles streamed through twitter using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization to determine topics, article here,... Read more
The ImageNet challenges play an important role in the development of computer vision. The great success of neural nets on ImageNet has contributed to general fervor around artificial intelligence. While the applied breakthroughs are real, issues with ImageNet and modern networks indicate gaps between current practice and intelligent perception. For this investigation I used... Read more

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