Pictures and Highlights from ODSC Europe 2023 Pictures and Highlights from ODSC Europe 2023
We’re a few weeks removed from ODSC Europe 2023 and we couldn’t have left on a better note. The week was... Pictures and Highlights from ODSC Europe 2023

We’re a few weeks removed from ODSC Europe 2023 and we couldn’t have left on a better note. The week was filled with engaging sessions on top topics in data science, innovation in AI, and smiling faces that we haven’t seen in a while. Here are some highlights from ODSC Europe 2023, including some pictures of speakers and attendees, popular talks, and a summary of what kept people busy.

Top Sessions

With sessions both online and in-person in Boston, there was something for everyone. We had bigger sessions on getting started with machine learning or SQL, up to advanced topics in NLP, and how to make deepfakes.

Some of our most popular in-person sessions were:

  • Data Communication in the Age of AI: Alan Rutter | Founder | Fire Plus Algebra
  • Autoencoders – a Magical Approach to Unsupervised Machine Learning: Oliver Zeigermann | Blue Collar ML Architect | Freelancer
  • Fast Option Pricing Using Deep Learning Methods: Chakri Cherukuri | Senior Quantitative Researcher | Bloomberg LP
  • Safety and Robustness for Deep Learning with Provable Guarantees: Marta Kwiatkowska, PhD | Professor of Computing Systems, Fellow | Trinity College, University of Oxford
  • Generative AI for the Enterprise: Jake Bengtson | Principal Technical Evangelist | Cloudera
  • Beyond Correlation: Unraveling Causality with Machine Learning: Bernardo Caldas | Director of Data | Mollie
  • Upgrading Your Engine Without Stopping the Car: How the FT is Improving our ML Deployment Practice with Minimum Disruption: Leanne Fitzpatrick | Director of Data Science | Financial Times
  • MLOps 2.0 – From Research Centric to Production First: Yuval Fernbach | Co-founder & CTO | Qwak
  • How to bring your data to LLMs?: Timo Möller  | Co-Founder | deepset
  • From Correlation to Causality in AI: Dr. Andre Franca | VP of Research and Development | causaLens

Popular virtual sessions:

  • AI and Bias: How to Detect It and How to Prevent It: Sandra Wachter, PhD | Professor, Technology and Regulation | Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford
  • Probabilistic Machine Learning for Finance and Investing: Deepak Kanungo | Founder and CEO, Advisory Board Member | Hedged Capital LLC, AIKON
  • Why GPU Clusters Don’t Need to Go Brrr? Leverage Compound Sparsity to Achieve the Fastest Inference Performance on CPUs: Damian Bogunowicz | Neural Magic and Konstantin Gulin | Machine Learning Engineer | Neural Magic
  • Apache Kafka for Real-Time Machine Learning Without a Data Lake: Kai Waehner | Global Field CTO | Author, International Speaker
  • Time Series Forecasting for Managers – All Forecasts Are Wrong but Some Are Useful: Tanvir Ahmed Shaikh | Data Strategist (Director) | Genentech, Inc
  • Getting Up to Speed on Real-Time Machine Learning: Dillon Bostwick | Senior Solutions Architect | Databricks and Avinash Sooriyarachchi | Senior Enterprise Solutions Architect | Databricks 
  • Deep Learning and Comparisons between Large Language Models: Hossam Amer, PhD | Applied Scientist | Microsoft

You can watch the top virtual sessions for free on Ai+ Training here.


Our main keynote sessions were held on the virtual side of the conference. On Wednesday, Henk Boelman, Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, spoke about the current landscape of Microsoft Azure, as well as some interesting use cases and recent developments. You can read the recap here and watch the full keynote here.

Expo Hall

ODSC events are more than just data science training and networking events. 

On both days, we had our AI Expo & Demo Hall where over a dozen of our partners set up to showcase their latest developments, tools, frameworks, and other offerings. Shoutout to Avaiga, Databricks, SAS, Microsoft, Taipy, and everyone else who helped make the expo hall a success!

What’s next?

That’s it for our ODSC Europe 2023 highlights! Thank you to everyone who attended for making this event possible, and showing once again why we do what we do – connecting the greater data science community together to push the industry forward. As a reminder, the free and virtual Generative AI Summit is coming up on July 20th, ODSC APAC virtually from August 22nd-23rd, and then ODSC West will be coming back to San Francisco from October 31st to November 3rd.



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