Predicting the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) of Celebrities Based on Their Favorite Books Predicting the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) of Celebrities Based on Their Favorite Books
Personality prediction tools have been a beneficial and significant tool in the business world. Whether it’s about hiring employees or tailoring... Predicting the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) of Celebrities Based on Their Favorite Books

Personality prediction tools have been a beneficial and significant tool in the business world. Whether it’s about hiring employees or tailoring products as per a customer’s need, this tool is growing in popularity for fact-based decision-making. One such personality inventory used worldwide is Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and we can even define a celebrities’ MBTI.

According to the BBC, 89 of Fortune 100 companies use MBTI as part of their hiring process and even implement it at work to build stronger, more effective teams and healthy organizations. From a business angle, analytics and an understanding of a customer’s personality helps in product development and problem-solving. For example, according to Harvard Business Reviews, assessing a customer’s personality type at the beginning of a call can cut repeat calls by 40%

As part of this article, we will use MBTI to predict different celebrities’ personalities based on their suggestions for books. Let’s get started looking at celebrities’ MBTI!


The dataset used for the personality assessment is from Kaggle. This dataset contains data collected through the PersonalityCafe forum and has more than 8,000 rows consisting of personality types with 50 different posts.  

We also looked at different sites that have the recommendation of books by celebrities. This data will figure out the personality they are having with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI). Using MBTI, we understand celebrities’ characters, including their likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, and compatibility with other people.

Data Analysis

First, we request a web page and then scrape the data from different websites using Python library request and BeautifulSoup, which pulls data out of HTML. After scraping the description of the book, we get all the information about that specific personality. We clean the data by removing URLs, convert them to lowercase, tokenizer, remove punctuation and stopwords.


The MBTI’s 16 Personality Types

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator focuses on four parameters, and most often, people display dominance in at least one area. Let’s dive deeper into the four spectrums.

Extroverts (E) – These are expressive people, are outspoken, and are friendly.

Introverts (I) – These people are thoughtful and more reserved 

Thinkers (T) – These are people who swear by facts and figures, are interested in finding the most reasonable and logical choice, and enjoy a good debate. 

Feelers (F) – These are people who make decisions based on what they feel, weigh decisions against their values, and are always keen to know how their decisions will affect the people around them.

Sensors (S) – They focus on their five senses, are highly sensitive, are practical and down to earth, and most importantly, pay attention to facts. 

Intuitives (I) – They are creative, curious, open-minded, focus on abstract thinking, and are more interested in theories, patterns, and explanations. 

Judgers (J) – They like things planned, want to control things, and prefer things to be settled.

Perceivers (P) – These are people who are flexible, spontaneous, and like to leave things open so that they can change their minds. 

With the help of the above analysis, one can deduce the personality of a person into one of the following 16 personality types:

celebrities MBTI

*Each category consists of four letters – the initials of the scales.

Let’s Begin with Celebrities’ MBTI!

Once all the personality traits have been established, we procure all the data about book recommendations from Favobooks. The site includes book suggestions by thinkers, pioneers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. As part of the study, we first obtain the description of books suggested by the personalities. After that, we define a function that inputs the scraped data, tokenizes them, and then predicts the output based on our classifiers.

celebrities MBTI

Name Favorite Books’ Source Personality Type Personality Traits
Morgan Freeman Favobooks INFJ Determined | Reserved | Altruistic | Idealist | Passionate about making the world a better place
Jack Dorsey Favobooks INTJ Thinker | Helpful | Dedicated | Instinctual Perception of human nature
Jay Z Favobooks INTJ Visionary | Understands what listeners want
Vladimir Putin Favobooks INTJ Ambitious | Well-organized | Structured | Detail-oriented
Elon Musk Favobooks INTJ Introvert | Speaker | Intelligent | Visionary
Angela Merkel Favobooks INTJ Reserved | Prefers to be alone | Practical | Judicial
Tim Ferriss Favobooks INTP Playful | Thinker | Logical
Evan Williams Favobooks INTP Creative | Enjoy taking an unconventional approach
Anthony Robbins Favobooks INTP Extremely sensitive | Shy | Passionate lover | Humorous 
Ronald Reagan Favobooks INFP Optimistic | Visionary | Courageous

How Can You Benefit from MBTI?

MBTI’s model preprocesses your data, fits and predicts the four indicators, and finally shows the result. One can use the same approach to predict the personality type you want.

In Business

Personality assessment helps a company/business hire the right candidate, which eventually helps build a great team! 

  • MBTI helps gather an employee’s behavior, character, attitude, opinion, and most importantly, it will help understand how they interact with others. 
  • A company can identify people and build teams taking into consideration their likes and dislikes. This helps employees interact better with their colleagues. 
  • Personality assessment helps the employer understand the employee’s character better and thus provides suitable stimuli for motivation. Now, who wouldn’t like that?

In Marketing

MBTI is beneficial when it comes to marketing. An enterprise can derive invaluable insights about customers, which can in turn help improve the marketing strategies.

  • Personality assessment helps brands tailor their customer services. 
  • It can also help create targeted content for specific groups. 

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Code for celebrities’ MBTI

All the codes used here are available at GitHub and can be found here – https://github.com/Mindtrades-Consulting/Predicting-MBTI-of-Personalities-Based-on-books.

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