R-Related Talks Coming to ODSC West 2019 R-Related Talks Coming to ODSC West 2019
R is one of the most commonly-used languages within data science, and its applications are always expanding. From the traditional use... R-Related Talks Coming to ODSC West 2019

R is one of the most commonly-used languages within data science, and its applications are always expanding. From the traditional use of data or predictive analysis, all the way to machine or deep learning, the uses of R will continue to grow and we’ll have to do everything we can to keep up.To help those beginning their journey with R, we have made strides to bring some of the best possible talks and workshops ODSC West 2019 to make sure you know how to work with R.

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Learn the Basics of R for Machine Learning

At the talk “Machine Learning in R” by Jared Lander of Columbia Business School and author of R for Everyone, you will go through the basic steps to begin using R for machine learning. He’ll start out with the theory behind machine learning and the analyzation of model quality, before working up to the technical side of implementation. Walk out of this talk with a solid, actionable groundwork of machine learning.

Dive Deeper with R

After you have the groundwork of machine learning with R, you’ll have a chance to dive even deeper, with the talk “Causal Inference for Data Science” by Data Scientist at Coursera, Vinod Bakthavachalam. First he’ll present an overview of some causal inference techniques that could help any data scientist, and then will dive into the theory and how to perform these with R. You’ll also get an insight into the recent advancements and future of machine learning with R and causal inference. This is perfect if you have the basics down and want to be pushed a little harder.   Read ahead on this topic with Bakthavachalam’s speaker blog here.


Learn About Popular Applications

Here, you’ll get to implement all you’ve learned by learning some of the most popular applications of R. Joy Payton, the Supervisor of Data Education at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia will give a talk on “Mapping Geographic Data in R.” It’s a hands-on workshop where you’ll leave having gone through the steps of using open-source data, and applying techniques in R into real data visualization. She’ll leave you will the skills to do your own mapping projects and a publication-quality product.

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Learn to tell a story

Throughout ODSC West, you’ll have learned the foundations, the deeper understanding, and visualization in popular applications, but the last step is to learn how to tell a story with all this data. Luckily, Paul Kowalczyk, the Senior Data Scientist at Solvay, will be giving a talk on just that. He knows that the most important part of doing data science is making sure others are able to implement and use your work, so he’s going to take you step-by-step through literate computing, with particular focus on reporting your data. The workshop shows you three ways to report your data: HTML pages, slides, and a pdf document (like you would submit to a journal). Everything will be done in R and Python, and the code will be made available.  We’ve tried our best to make these talks and workshops useful to you, taking you from entry-level to publication-ready materials in R.

To learn all of this and even more—and be in the same room as hundreds of the leading data scientists today—sign up for ODSC West. It’s hosted in San Francisco (one of the best tech cities in the world) from October 29th through November 1st.

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