Ready For a New Job in AI? Here are the Top Companies Hiring Data Scientists in 2022 Ready For a New Job in AI? Here are the Top Companies Hiring Data Scientists in 2022
The field of data science is only growing. Demand for data professionals has only increased, and according to the Department of... Ready For a New Job in AI? Here are the Top Companies Hiring Data Scientists in 2022

The field of data science is only growing. Demand for data professionals has only increased, and according to the Department of Labor, data science is one of the fastest-growing fields that also pays extremely well. That’s why top companies are on the hunt for the best data science pros they can get their hands on. But, which companies should you consider if you’re looking to join the best? Don’t worry, we have a list of some of the top companies hiring data scientists and what they do with data and artificial intelligence.

Cisco Systems

CISCO Systems is one of the best-known tech companies hiring data scientists in the world. They specialize in switches, routers, cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things. Right now, they’re leading the charge in cloud-based security while recently building up their AI offerings by buying up multiple companies such as Voicera and Accompany.


Speaking of AI and cloud data, Microsoft’s Azure platform and artificial intelligence research make it one of the leaders of AI on Earth. They are developing open-source tools, models, application programming interfaces, and infrastructure to help push AI forward into the future. Microsoft is still growing and needs talent as it continues to pour capital, human and monetary, into the data science field.


Amazon isn’t just a place to find a good deal and quick delivery. Their subsidiary, Amazon Web Services, is the latest market shareholder in the cloud infrastructure service world. Many companies rely on AWS to maintain, visualize, and manipulate data. With thousands of openings globally, Amazon will need the talent to keep up with client demand.

Google (Alphabet)

Everyone had Googled something before. What many people might not know is that Google’s Parent company, Alphabet, is a powerhouse in data and analytics. Services such as AdSense, Google Analytics, and Data Studio are all used by companies big and small to make the most important decisions on a daily basis. Though notoriously competitive, Google is a growing giant on the lookout for new talent among companies hiring data scientists.

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

One of the powerhouses in the financial sector, JPMorgan Chase & Co. has been a pioneer in data analytics and customer service for many years now. Their vast databases of customer data are used to find market opportunities, minimize risk, and discover even greater insight into customer behavior.


Databricks is a bit different when you compare it to some of our other entries. The company was born out of the open-source community and currently offers one of the best data warehousing and data lake infrastructure on the market. Though a relative newcomer, many of the best-known companies, T-Mobile, HSBC, and others are using Databricks to deliver data engineering, business analytics, intelligence, warehousing, and more, at scale.


One of the country’s largest companies and the largest employer in many states, Walmart wants to use data to stay ahead of the curve. Seeing the demise of competitors such as K-Mart has shown the giant they need to be flexible and that takes data. Within their company, they rely on business intelligence, data analytics, cloud computing, and more to meet demand, and maintain consumer satisfaction.

Sumo Logic

Now back to the world of data, we have to mention Sumo Logic. This company is an innovator that focuses on bringing real-time analytical data to help digital businesses grow. Their product is scalable and allows for the best business decisions based on the data available. Companies such as The Pokemon Company, Adobe, Grammarly, and more have worked with Sumo Logic for their analytics needs.


Interested in the world of customer data and insights? Then Numerator might be the place you’d want to work at. They provide this critical data to eCommerce clients who are looking to understand their customers better. From behaviors and purchase environments, to finally conversation outcomes, Numerator provides insights on the entire marketing funnel.


Data is great, but companies need intelligence tools to make heads or tails on what it all means. That’s where Sisense comes in. They are a business intelligence software company. Their goal is to provide their clients with easy-to-understand and customizable data through their AI-driven platform. Currently, they have some well-known clients, such as GitLab, Glytec, Skullcandy, ZipRecruiter, and GameDay.

How You Can Get a Job in Data Science!

There you have it. A list of top companies hiring data scientists and what they do. Of course, there are a lot of choices out there, so we hope that this list has been insightful and will help you find where you want to take your data journey.

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