Remembering the 2023 Data Engineering Summit in Videos Remembering the 2023 Data Engineering Summit in Videos
For the first time ever, the Data Engineering Summit will be in person! Co-located with the leading Data Science and AI... Remembering the 2023 Data Engineering Summit in Videos

For the first time ever, the Data Engineering Summit will be in person! Co-located with the leading Data Science and AI Training Conference, ODSC East, this summit will gather the leading minds in Data Engineering in Boston on April 23rd and 24th. We’re currently hard at work on the lineup. In the meantime, check out these recordings from last year’s virtual Data Engineering Summit. 

Thrive in the Data Tooling Tornado

Adam Breindel | Independent Consultant

In this talk, Adam Breindel, a leading Apache Spark instructor and authority on neural-net fraud detection, streaming analytics and cluster management code, will help you navigate the data tooling landscape. 

In the rapidly changing data tooling landscape of 2023, organizations struggle to meet existing commitments and next-gen projects have an estimated failure rate as high as 85%. This session will explore the origin of these challenges (spoiler: outdated anti-patterns from 20th-century industry) and the adjustments you can make to solve these issues. 

Streaming Featurization with Ibis, Substrait and Apache Arrow

Wes Mckinney | CTO and Cofounder | Voltron Data 

David Palaitis | Managing Director | Two Sigma

In this talk, Wes McKinney, creator of the Python pandas project and co-creator of Apache Arrow, and David Palaitis, an engineering manager with Two Sigma Investment, will demonstrate how their organizations are working together to improve featurization workflows. 

Their approach utilizes\ the Ibis, Substrait, Arrow software stack, providing a complete solution for real-time streaming data processing, with Ibis providing high-level APIs for data processing and analysis, Substrait providing a framework for machine learning, and Apache Arrow providing a high-performance data representation for both. This stack makes it possible to process large amounts of streaming data in real time, providing fast and accurate insights for decision-making.

Data-Planning to Implementation

Balaji Raghunathan | VP of Digital Experience | ITC Infotech

Over his 20+ year-long career, Balaji Raghunatthan has worked with cloud-based architectures, microservices, DevOps, Java, .NET, and AWS. In this talk, Balaji will take you through the process of data planning to implementation, which is the process of using data to develop and deploy a project or initiative. In short, data planning to implementation helps organizations make informed decisions and take action based on insights obtained from data.

Building a Data Mesh: Strategies and Best Practices

Hajar Khizou | Lead Data Engineer | SustainCERT

Join data mesh and AI expert, Hajar Khizou for an exploration of the concept of data mesh architecture, a decentralized approach to organizing data and data infrastructure. In this talk, she will cover the key benefits, strategies, and best practices for implementing a data mesh, including designing data products, defining governance models, and ensuring data quality and consistency.

Getting Into Data Engineering

Joe Reis | CEO | Ternary Data

In this video, Joe Reis, CEO of Ternary Data, provides valuable insights on navigating the recent economic climate and what it means for aspiring data engineers. Learn about the various career entry points that can help you get your foot in the door.

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