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How LinkedIn Navigates Streams Infrastructure Using Cruise Control
The past decade has witnessed a growing adoption of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) in various industries. This trend helped companies optimize their custom workflows in a cost-efficient manner, avoid the missed deadlines, and enhance the quality of life of its consumers. Naturally, these benefits have boosted the popularity and... Read more
Senior Software Engineer, Network Control

Senior Software Engineer, Network Control

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posted by November 24, 2018

Job description Responsibilities: Design, develop, and manage software that controls how internet users are routed to Bytedance’s global data platform and access to various products. Build systems that measure user performance, collect and aggregate these measurement which are eventually used to control how users are routed. Build DNS system,... Read more
Shared Control For Dynamic Systems Between Humans and Robots
Engineering and computer science researchers at Northwestern University devised a model that forsakes user-only control in favor of an optimized shared control paradigm. As machines become further integrated in our daily lives, we will naturally see a rise in human-machine systems that use human input while also relying on automated... Read more
Big Data Can Help Control Population
Now, if we told you that you need not worry about the increasing population, would you be surprised? Well, now that we have big data for population control, the surprise has only begun. An increasing population has a direct effect on the development of any country. Most of the countries... Read more
Support for gun control is decreasing in all age groups
This is the third article in a series about changes in support for gun control over the last 50 years. In the first article I looked at data from the General Social Survey and found that young adults are less likely than previous generations to support gun control. In the second article I looked... Read more

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