See the Future of AI and Business at ODSC East 2021 See the Future of AI and Business at ODSC East 2021
Over the past few years, AI, and its subsets machine learning, deep learning, and NLP among others, have become the norm... See the Future of AI and Business at ODSC East 2021

Over the past few years, AI, and its subsets machine learning, deep learning, and NLP among others, have become the norm in business. No longer is AI accessible to only the Fortune 500 companies. Now, a wide range of organizations are utilizing AI for chatbots, fraud detection, medical diagnosis, and much more.

Below are a few relevant AI business talks coming to the AiX Business Summit at ODSC East 2021 this March 30th to April 1st that illustrate how AI is transforming industries.

Computer Vision for Healthcare and Medicine

James Zou, PhD | Assistant Professor, Biomedical Data Science, Computer Science, Investigator Faculty Director | Stanford University | Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative | Stanford AI

During this talk, James Zou, PhD, will illustrate the tools and general principles for human-compatible machine learning that have been developed to support computer vision algorithms capable of learning complex phenotypes and morphologies. Zou will examine several examples, including generating spatial transcriptomics from histology images, assessing heart function with video-based AI, and reducing the risk of genome editing.

The Clinician’s AI Partner: Augmenting Clinician Capabilities Across the Spectrum of Healthcare

Serena Yeung, PhD │ Assistant Professor of Biomedical Data Science │ Stanford University

As population demographics shift, the work of clinicians will become increasingly complex and demanding, leading to burnout. During this talk, Serena Yeung, PhD, will address the ways in which AI can be used to support and augment the abilities of clinicians in hospital care, remote care, and more.

Overcoming Obstacles to AI Execution: Trust, Scale, and Reasoning

Mark Weber │ Applied Research Scientist │ MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab

Recent studies indicate AI is of critical importance for competitive advantage in the business world. However, challenges of flexibility, scalability, and trustworthiness have resulted in AI being employed by only a small subset of companies. In this presentation, Mark Weber will discuss recent advancements in AI scalability, robustness, and fluid intelligence in the business world.

Using Survival Analysis to Model Credit Risk: What, Why, and How

Lore Dirick, PhD │ Director of Data Science Education │ Flatiron School

Survival analysis, a method more commonly used in the biomedical field, has recently gained popularity as a method for analyzing credit risk due to its ability to create time-based predictions. During this presentation, Lore Dirick, PhD, will give an overview of what types of problems can be solved with this method, why it’s useful, and how to use it to analyze credit data.

How Google Uses AI and Machine Learning in the Enterprise

Rich Dutton │Head of Corporate Engineering │Google

During this talk, Rich Dutton, will discuss how AI techniques can be used to run businesses, using his own team’s efforts at Google as an example. His examples will cover how AI has been used in Support, HR, Facilities Management, and Communications, as well as cover lessons learned, technical considerations, and relevant research areas.

AI-Powered Best Healthcare for Everyone

Anitha Kannan, PhD │ Head of Machine Learning │Curai

Lack of access to adequate healthcare, or even basic services, is a problem that plagues up to half of the world’s population. In this talk, Anitha Kannan, PhD, will cover how combining medical experts and online access with advances in AI has the potential to improve healthcare access significantly. Kannan will discuss how her team is building state-of-the-art medical diagnostic models by combining expert systems with deep learning.

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