Top 14 NLP Job-Ready Skills for 2021
NLP was one of the hottest skills in 2019 and  2020 for good reason. Companies have a lot of text to work with and many applicants to apply it across the business. We will discuss the top applications of NLP in part II of this two-part... Read more
Top 10 Skills for Data Engineers in 2021
Data engineering is an increasingly sought after job role, and despite a tumultuous 2020, the chart above showed it’s more in demand than ever.  Due to the pandemic, jobs were scarce in April but quickly rebounded before the traditional summer lul hit, and then demand increased... Read more
Data Science New Year’s Resolutions from AI Professionals
Just as some people vow to lose weight, start a new project, save more money, or finally get to that long-neglected hobby, some people have data science-specific New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s aiming to work more on ethical AI, switching their preferred coding language, or reading... Read more
Data Science 2021 Trends: What to Expect
2020 was a strange year and no one could have predicted what would happen. When we looked at trending topics around this time last year, we based it off of the usual trends and developments that we could have expected. With COVID and the new normal,... Read more