Should You Build or Buy Your Data Science Platform?
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Leveraging AI For Product and Company Growth
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Watch: A Manager’s Guide to Starting a Computer Vision Program
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The 4 Most Important Traits to Look for When Hiring an AI Expert
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How Product Managers Learn About AI Meeting Peak Effectiveness
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3 Small Steps to AI Adoption
If you aren’t ready for the AI revolution, you aren’t alone. While around 79% of business executives surveyed recently said that they already see an impact from AI on their business, just 36% had some sort of change management strategy or steps to AI adoption in... Read more
What is iPaaS and Why Should Your Business Care?
AI, cloud computing, and massive data. It’s getting beyond the capability of most companies and organizations to host and manage the type of infrastructure needed to build and deploy models. Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) could be the answer to in house computing and security... Read more
Top 10 Big Data Blunders, Part 2
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Building Data Science Teams: What Do You Need to Know?
Building a data science team from scratch involves more than just a list of requirements scraped from HR. Your data science team needs to solve problems and provide real business value, necessities that are difficult to describe in the traditional job posting. At ODSC East 2019,... Read more
Why Your Business Needs Edge Computing
Edge computing is going to change your business, and you may not even know it yet. As businesses move towards deep learning initiatives and connect relevant products in the Internet of Things ecosystem, edge computing could help reduce latency and increase productivity. So what is it?... Read more