Building Data Science Teams: What Do You Need to Know?
Building a data science team from scratch involves more than just a list of requirements scraped from HR. Your data science team needs to solve problems and provide real business value, necessities that are difficult to describe in the traditional job posting. At ODSC East 2019, Haftan Eckholdt, chief... Read more
Why Your Business Needs Edge Computing
Edge computing is going to change your business, and you may not even know it yet. As businesses move towards deep learning initiatives and connect relevant products in the Internet of Things ecosystem, edge computing could help reduce latency and increase productivity. So what is it? Let’s take a... Read more
How to Write a Better Data Science Job Description
You’ve been looking to make a data science team, but you can’t get the right person. Too many terrible applications. Not enough talent. As data science becomes an integral part of business, business leaders are looking to add this crucial position to their teams. Unfortunately, confusion about terms and... Read more
Top 10 Big Data Blunders Part 1
Your company is making the move to big data initiatives, but with so many organizations launching half-baked data initiatives, how do you know your organization is going to succeed? Dr. Michael Stonebraker, a co-founder of Tamr and co-director of the Intel Science and Technology Center for Big Data, believes... Read more
The Programmer Myth of Data Science
If you’re thinking of hiring a computer programmer as your data scientist, you may want to back up. While the two careers have a lot in common – writing programs, working with sophisticated machines, creating products that provide business value – putting “programmer” on your job description and hoping... Read more
What is an AI Engineer?
AI is coming for your business, and at the most recent ODSC East keynote, Michael Stonebraker of MIT and Tamr laid it all out for us. If you aren’t ready to hire the experts, you won’t be ready. AI Engineers are going to be the next biggest thing because... Read more
Watch: Challenges and Opportunities in Applying Machine Learning
There are many opportunities in applying machine learning, whether as an individual developer or in a business. But how do you get started? This talk provides an overview that separates fact from fiction and proposes processes to find opportunities for applying ML. This includes understanding where ML can have... Read more
5 Ways AI Can Upgrade Your eCommerce Business
The eCommerce sector is one of the most profitable ones, with millions of online stores and digital portals showcasing products meant to cater to you from head to toe. According to Statista, the eCommerce revenues worldwide is anticipated to grow to 4.88 trillion US dollars in 2021. Clearly, the... Read more
Watch: Deploying Investments in AI and Machine Learning
Over the next 18 months, companies will be completing the R&D phase of their AI/ML investments and will be deploying their models and algorithms to production. The proper execution of deploying your AI/ML models will separate the organizations who see an ROI on AI from those who don’t. This... Read more
Operationalization of Machine Learning Models
Lots of businesses want to use machine learning, but few are ready to integrate machine learning into a real-life context of operations. Dr. Mufajjul Ali, Data Solutions Architect for Microsoft, outlines how Microsoft is addressing these needs and offers some advice for businesses looking to operationalize ML models and... Read more