Preview of Our Next Ai+ Training Session on Anomaly Detection with Aric LaBarr
Anomalies. Oxford dictionary defines them as things that deviate from what is typical or expected. No matter what field you are in, they seem to pop up and occur without warning. In the realm of data, anomalies can lead to incorrect or out-of-date decisions. This means... Read more
10 Reasons Why Your Boss Wants You on Ai+ Data Science Training
The field of data science is one of the most dynamic on Earth. This is why constantly keeping your skills honed is critical for any data professional – no matter where in their careers they might be today. Many of the top professionals will integrate training... Read more
Recap of the First ODSC Ai+ Deep Learning Bootcamp Session
We recently finished our first session of Jon Krohn’s Deep Learning Bootcamp, and we’re already excited for part 2. Here are a few highlights from the session, some thoughts from attendees, and what to expect from part 2 and beyond. Session 1 Recap: How Deep Learning... Read more
Jon Krohn on Deep Learning Advancements, PyTorch Lightning, and Going Beyond ML
Deep learning is becoming commonplace, as more and more companies are looking to take a deeper dive into their data – and going beyond just machine learning. We recently spoke with Dr. Jon Krohn about his upcoming deep learning bootcamp, what tools he uses, what platforms... Read more
Ai+ Live Data Science Training Coming January 2022
Ai+ Training is starting the new year off strong with a full roster of live training sessions for January. We’ll be covering a wide range of topics from machine learning pipelines to Pandas to Data Governance. Check out our January live training in more detail below.... Read more
5 Things to Consider for Your Machine Learning Certificate
Machine learning certifications are picking up a lot of steam for job-seekers and those looking to make a lateral move from their field. Data analysts, business analysts, and other professionals who use data are finding themselves intrigued by the premise of machine learning, but may not... Read more
Ai+ Live Data Science Training Coming this June
June is already here (how on Earth did that happen?) and things are heating up, both in temperature and in the field of data science. This month brings in some interesting new live and on-demand training sessions to Ai+ Training. Subscribers to Ai+ Training will get... Read more
Test Your Data Science Knowledge with AiQ Assessments
If it’s been a while since you’ve mastered a skill, especially one that you don’t use on a daily basis, it’s possible for your knowledge and proficiency to deteriorate some. The deterioration might occur in just a few specific areas, and not across the subject as... Read more
Ai+ Live Data Science Training Coming this May
May has come, bringing with it not only flowers and seasonal allergies, but also new live and on-demand training sessions from Ai+ Training. Subscribers to Ai+ Training will get immediate access to on-demand sessions and exclusive discounts to virtual live data science training sessions. Upcoming Live... Read more
Announcing the ODSC Machine Learning Certification
A successful data scientist or AI practitioner never stops learning. However, pausing your career to return to school for another degree can be costly in terms of both time and budget. In such situations, machine learning certifications are an essential tool for both developing new skills... Read more