What’s New on Ai+ Training November 2020
Looking for on-demand and live training sessions, workshops, and tutorials from some of the leading experts and instructors in data science and AI, including Dr. Jon Krohn, Diedre Downing, Dr. Kirk Borne, Daria Stepanova, PhD, and Thomas Wolf, PhD? Check out the Ai+ Training Platform. Every... Read more
AI+ Subscription Content Available Right Now
The AI+ Training Subscription Plans are now live! With workshops, tutorials, and training sessions on essential data science and AI topics, such as NLP, Machine Learning, AI Fairness and Explainability, Data Engineering, and MLOps, and new content added all the time, you’ll never have to stop... Read more
Announcing the AI+ Data Science Live Training Subscription Service
It’s no secret that the data science and AI industries are both rapidly advancing and highly competitive. As a result, it’s essential for data scientists to be building their knowledge base and learning new skills and technologies. To facilitate this, we are thrilled to announce that... Read more
A Sneak Peek at SQL Bootcamp for Data Science
For years now, ODSC has served as a resource for data professionals to connect, learn from each other, and contribute back to the community as our field moves forward at a lightning pace. Their commitment to data science has extended into the current pandemic, resulting in... Read more
AI+ September Live Training Preview: Data Storytelling for Business
I’m truly honored to help launch the first round of courses on ODSC’s AI+ Training platform. AI+ Training from ODSC is a great player in the online learning game – bringing a diverse group of experts to teach both “of the moment” and “essential” skills to... Read more