Get the Deep Learning Training You Need to Excel With This New Bootcamp
In the years since it was first discovered, the number of applications for deep learning has increased significantly and now includes automatic speech recognition, recommendation systems, NLP, financial fraud detection, and much more. With so many applications and uses, it’s essential to have a strong foundation... Read more
Minerva Singh on Social Media Mining and Business Applications
Editor’s note: Minerva Singh will be speaking on the Ai+ Training platform on December 14th. Be sure to check out the session, “Web Scraping & Social Media Mining for Text Analysis & NLP” for 10% off now. Text analytics, social media mining, and web scraping are... Read more
Teddy Petrou on Data Visualization Use Cases, Dash 2.0, and the Pros of Seaborn
Data visualization is one of the most marketable and desirable data science skills out there. Given its visible and tangible results, hiring managers often look for individuals who can communicate their findings easily and to people who aren’t data-savvy. We recently had the chance to speak... Read more
5 Benefits of Using Social Media Data Mining
We joke that Facebook can hear us as we go about our day, but the reality is much different. These companies don’t need to listen in to learn about our habits, preferences, and activities—it turns out, we’re predictable.  All talk of SkyNet aside, it can be... Read more
Getting Started with Practical MLOps Live Training
The past several years have seen MLOps become an integral part of any organization that plans to take machine learning seriously. However, it can be difficult to know how to effectively implement successful MLOps when you are first starting out. Noah Gift’s upcoming Ai+ Virtual Live... Read more
Eric Ma of Moderna on Biomedical Data Science, pyjanitor, and nyviz
Eric Ma, Principal Data Scientist at Moderna,  supporting research data science. Prior to Moderna, he was at the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research conducting biomedical data science research with a focus on using Bayesian statistical methods in the service of making medicines for patients. We recently... Read more
Allen Downey on Bayesian Methods, PyMC, and In-Demand Skills
Allen Downey, Professor of Computer Science at Olin College of Engineering, has built much of his career around Bayesian methods and the Python programming language. This in-demand skillset has been garnering increasing attention in the data science field, boosting its use in businesses and becoming more... Read more
Incremental Development of PyMC Models
PyMC is a powerful tool for doing Bayesian statistics, but getting started can be intimidating. This article presents an example that I think is a good starting place, and demonstrates a method I use to develop and test models incrementally. Games like hockey and soccer are... Read more
Upcoming Live Training: NLP Fundamentals with Leonardo De Marchi
I had the pleasure of presenting at eight ODSC events so far. Every time, there is something special on the trip: San Francisco, Boston, London, and so on. Eventually, I started understanding these cities bit by bit, conference by conference, restaurant by restaurant. But what is... Read more
Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2 & PyTorch
I’m greatly honored to be leading the charge on ODSC’s exciting new AI+ Training platform, which brings ODSC’s world-leading ability to provide professional training to data scientists into the digital realm while nevertheless retaining an intimate and engaging experience for attendees.  My Deep Learning with TensorFlow... Read more