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What We Can Learn From Ai’s Mistakes

What We Can Learn Fr...

AI has been making a lot of progress lately by almost any standard. It has quietly become part of our world, powering markets, websites, factories, business processes and soon our houses, our cars and everything around us. But the biggest recent successes have also come with surprising failures. Tesla impressed the world by launching a […]

Markov Bot or Twitter Twit?

Markov Bot or Twitte...

The meaning of Artificial Intelligence (A.I) changes depending on whom is speaking. Right now the most prominent instantiation of A.I is the chatbot. Technology’s biggest companies and plucky startups allocate resources to make chatbots more impressive, but they really haven’t broken into the mainstream yet. From the outside the infrastructure behind such undertaking can look […]

Future Debates: This House Believes An Artificial Intelligence will Benefit Society

Future Debates: This...

This evening I’m participating in a debate on AI. We get seven minutes each for our initial statement. This is the script for mine. As my Cambridge based colleague Zoubin Ghahramani says “the term artificial intelligence is somewhat non-sensical. Something is either intelligent or it isn’t. Just as something either flies or it doesn’t. We […]

Future of AI #6. Paths, Dangers, Strategies

Future of AI #6. Pat...

Update: readers of the post have also pointed out this critique by Ernest Davis and this response to Davis by Rob Bensinger. Update 2: Both Rob Bensinger and Michael Tetelman rightly pointed out that my intelligence definition was sloppily defined. I’ve added a clarification that the defintion is ‘for a given task’. Cover of Superintelligence […]

Future of AI #5: The Singularians

Future of AI #5: The...

Update: through a tweet I found this paper from last year by Luciano Floridi on broadly the same idea. Clearly Luciano’s been thinking about this longer than me. Nice writing, and an additional concept of a AItheist. He uses the term Singularitarian. This is post 5 in a series. Previous post here Religious belief offers […]

AI and ML Futures #4: The Future of AI Meeting

AI and ML Futures #4...

On 15th September, 1830, the Liverpool and Manchester Railway opened. It was the first passenger railway. It is said that when rail travel was first proposed fears were voiced that travel at high speeds would cause asphyxia or permanently damage passengers’ eyes. Heady speeds of 50 km/h were unheard of at the time. The first […]

AI and ML Futures 3: The Trojan Wars of Machine Learning

AI and ML Futures 3:...

In my imaginings, I sometimes envisage conversations between billionaires in California. The conversations that I imagine are a little like conversations among the Greek gods. For modern day California imagine Mount Olympus in the time of the Trojan wars. Our Helen is “artificial intelligence”. The face that launched a thousand companies. In Greek legend each […]

AI and ML Futures #2: The Quiet Revolution

AI and ML Futures #2...

First of all, I want to highlight something that seems to go missing in the current hype. There is a lot more to machine learning than deep convolutional neural nets and recurrent nets. See the first in the series here I don’t want to diminish the contribution of those methods, there have been some really […]

AI and the Limits of Humanity

AI and the Limits of...

Are we getting dumber?  Or is stuff just harder? Both are true.  Between-silo problems are the new bottleneck.  We’re inundated with information, so we take cognitive short cuts.   And “wicked” problems keep getting wickeder. Take this “invisible art” artist.  She sold a few.* Real decisions are made in the heart, the gut, based on […]