Meet Aurora – Finland’s AI Assistant Answer to Siri and Alexa
In December 2017, Finland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment released its first report outlining the country’s artificial intelligence strategy, “Finland’s age of artificial intelligence – Turning Finland into a leading country in the application of artificial intelligence.” Authored by a steering committee of leading Finn... Read more
An AI Winter in the Past and Present-Day Worry
“The AI winter is well on its way,” says Filip Pieknewski, a computer vision and AI expert whose recent viral blog post forewarns an imminent period of reduced funding and interest in artificial intelligence. The term ‘AI winter’ first appeared in the mid-’80s to refer to... Read more
AI can manipulate your emotions now!
While humans are still struggling to understand each other, AI is bringing about the emotional manipulation of humans and taking over control. Artificial intelligence is advancing rapidly and trying to answer the common query of “whether machines can be intelligent without any emotions?” Machines have started... Read more