The ODSC Warmup Guide to Apache Airflow
Apache Airflow is a workflow automation platform that schedules and monitors workflows in the data pipelines programmatically. Airflow makes it simpler to set up and operate an end-to-end data pipeline in the cloud. You can use Airflow to manage and create workflows without worrying about the... Read more
Ten Trending Data Science Tools in 2021
The fields of data science and artificial intelligence see constant growth. As more companies and industries find value in automation, analytics, and insight discovery, there comes a need for the development of new tools, frameworks, and libraries to meet increased demand. There are some tools that... Read more
Building a Robust Data Pipeline with the “dAG Stack”: dbt, Airflow, and Great Expectations
Data quality has become a much-discussed topic in the fields of data engineering and data science, and it has become clear that ensuring data quality is absolutely crucial to avoiding a case of “garbage in – garbage out”. Apache Airflow and dbt (data build tool) are... Read more