Intelligent Document Processing with AWS AI Services and Amazon Bedrock
Companies in sectors like healthcare, finance, legal, retail, and manufacturing frequently handle large numbers of documents as part of their day-to-day operations. These documents often contain vital information that drives timely decision-making, essential for ensuring top-tier customer satisfaction, and reduced customer churn. Traditionally, the extraction of... Read more
Reviewing Amazon’s Machine Learning University – Is it Worth All of the Hype?
As an educator in the field of data science, I’m always interested in new learning resources for machine learning. The industry needs a new crop of data scientists to fill the rising demand. This is why I was pleased to learn of the recent announcement of... Read more
Six Big Companies That Use Visual Search
Companies that use visual search are able to achieve next-level ease and opportunity for people trying to figure things out. Searching with images allows people to find what they’re looking for without having the words to describe it. This is a powerful modern affordance, especially for... Read more