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Next Generation Analytics: The Collision of Classic & Big Data Analytics

Next Generation Anal...

The Classic analytics traditionally supported by a data warehouse yields focus and insight by understanding organization’s past actions. One among many examples would include measuring the supply chain of materials into a product or service that’s brought to market,  which is typical across all industries from telecom and financial services to pharmaceuticals and retail. Others […]

ODSC East 2016 | Ruslan Vaulin – “Big Science Meets Big Data Analytics”

ODSC East 2016 | Rus...

Abstract: What is in common between observing gravitational-wave signals from colliding black holes and detecting a fraud, network intrusion or an event in sensor networks? A lot more than you might have suspected. Large experiments in physics and astronomy have been dealing with some of the same challenges arising in these and variety of other […]

Jim Porzack – Structuring Data for Self serve Customer Insights

Jim Porzack – ...

Abstract: All parts of modern customer centric organizations need to understand their customers in order to serve them better. While it is impossible for business intelligence teams to anticipate all questions the business may ask, we can create a self-serve customer insights data mart with customer focused data elements that can be queried both on […]

TJ Houk & David Jaw – Machine Learning at a Pet Insurance Company

TJ Houk & David...

Abstract: As an insurance company, we receive a monthly premium from policy holders and in return, we pay claims on veterinary bills. Insurance risk for pet health is relatively uncharted territory; identifying key patterns can affect the company in a big way. As members of the Analytics department, the audience for our work is often […]