See the Top Rated Talks from ODSC APAC 2020 Here
We are deep into planning mode for ODSC APAC Virtual 2021, coming to your computer September 15th-16th. We aren’t quite ready to announce talk titles just yet, but we can promise you they will be as relevant and thought-provoking as those from ODSC APAC 2020. To... Read more
Human-Machine Partnerships to Enable Human and Planetary Flourishing
We hear much about how building up our individual and collective resilience is needed to tackle challenges like COVID and climate change; how innovation and creativity can help us respond successfully to the challenges we face. As both a data ethicist and a data science educator,... Read more
Machine Learning as a Service: Challenges and Opportunities
Businesses today are dealing with huge amounts of data and the volume is growing faster than ever. At the same time, the competitive landscape is changing rapidly and it’s critical for commercial organizations to make decisions fast. Business success comes from making quick, accurate decisions using... Read more
How to Establish Successful, Sustainable, and Scalable Data Science and AI Capability Within an Organization
With so much interest in data science, with all the promises of AI, scalable data science, and with the rapidly growing number of trained data scientists, why do we often hear of failed data science projects or projects that remain incomplete with unfulfilled promises? There are... Read more
To Learn SQL or Not is the Question
It is generally a major debate amongst many data analysts and data scientists if they should learn SQL to be able to do their job, especially when you have great packages and libraries to ingest data in R/Python directly. In today’s day and age with the... Read more
Migration to Cloud and Legacy Systems: Challenges and Opportunities
The emergence of cloud computing has brought about a real revolution in the way of storing and accessing data.  Users don’t have to store their files on private servers anymore. Cloud computing is a virtual space that connects users all over the world.   By using... Read more
How to Attend ODSC APAC 2020 for Free
In the nature of open-source data science, we want to make our conferences accessible to those who may not have a chance to attend. For the ODSC APAC Virtual Training Conference & Expo this December 8-9, we have a few ways that you can attend ODSC... Read more
Data-Driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Churn Reduction
A telecommunications company was losing customers (churn rate was 49.9%) and wanted to identify why customers were leaving them. Using data-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI), the key reasons for customers leaving the business (churn) was identified and a proactive retention campaign was developed to prevent customers from... Read more
Building an Advanced Analytics and Data Science Team in Government Context
It is widely known that data is highly valuable and crucial for the decision making process. At the same time, handling and deriving values from data requires a deep skill-set and expertise. Digital talent has been scarce, as always. This condition is even more challenging in... Read more
ODSC APAC 2020 Schedule Released! See What to Expect Here
ODSC APAC, ODSC’s first virtual data science training conference for the Asia-Pacific region is just a few weeks away and it’s time to start planning your conference. Over the course of two days, 50+ speakers will explore the ways in which AI is transforming different industries,... Read more