5 Can’t-Miss MLOps Sessions Coming to ODSC APAC
ODSC APAC is just days away! On September 7th and 8th, some of the best and brightest minds and data scientists from around the world will gather to discuss the topics and tools shaping their industry. Check out a few of the sessions you can expect... Read more
MLOps for Musicians
Editor’s note: Akira is a speaker for ODSC APAC this September 7th-8th. Be sure to check out his talk, “MLOps for Musicians,” there! Just 5 years ago, thinking about how to deploy and reliably run AI models in a critical operation, known as MLOps, seemed like... Read more
Announcing the Keynotes for ODSC APAC 2022
With just a few weeks until our 3rd annual ODSC APAC Virtual Conference coming up this September 7th-8th, we couldn’t be more excited to announce our Keynote Speakers. These luminaries from industry and academia have won numerous awards, developed new tools and technology, and worked to... Read more
The State of AI in APAC: Leadership in the Making
Asia-Pacific has embraced AI and is on track to one single goal—leadership. The region likely recognizes the benefit of pouring heart, soul, and investment into making world-changing artificial intelligence. The response has been overwhelming. Here is what we’re expecting from AI in APAC in the coming... Read more
ODSC APAC 2022 Schedule Overview – Plan Your Week!
ODSC APAC is just a little more than a month away, coming up this September 7th-8th, and it’s time to start planning for your conference experience. To help you build out your itinerary, check out the recently released Preliminary Schedule and the highlights below. Wednesday, September... Read more
A Solution for Monitoring Image Data
Editor’s note: Ray Reed is a speaker for ODSC APAC 2022 this September 7th-8th. Be sure to check out his talk, “Monitoring CV Systems: A Unique Solution to a Unique Problem,” there to learn more about monitoring image data. As machine learning ecosystems become increasingly complex... Read more
5 Can’t-Miss Machine & Deep Learning Talks Coming to ODSC APAC
At ODSC APAC 2022 this September, you’ll have the chance to learn about recent developments and advancements in data science and AI from leading experts, practitioners, and academics. What’s more, is that many of these sessions will be available to you for free with the Talks... Read more
Data Science in a Data-Driven Organization
Editor’s note: Dr. Thilaksha Silva and Shashank Kundapur are speakers for ODSC APAC 2022 this September. Be sure to check out their talk, “Data Science in a Data Driven Energy Organisation,’ there! As the largest electricity distributor in Victoria, Australia, Citipower, Powercor & United Energy deliver... Read more
First Speakers and Sessions Announced for ODSC APAC 2022
Our third ODSC APAC is still a couple of months away, coming virtually this September 7th-8th, but we are excited to be able to announce several of our session titles and expert speakers early. All in all, ODSC APAC will host 38 speakers and 30+ sessions... Read more
Announcing the ODSC APAC 2022 Call for Speakers
We’re excited to announce our official Call for Speakers for ODSC APAC 2022! If you are looking to share your research or expertise in data science and AI, this is for you. Over the course of the conferences we had in 2021, we saw: 18000+ attendees... Read more